What is the latitude and longitude of Laxey - North-West?

These are the geographical coordinates of the city:
Latitude: -26.7166667
Longitude: 23.1666667

Driving distances from Laxey, North-West

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Saaihoek, Free State
Saaiplaas, Eastern Cape
Saaiplass, Free State
Saaipoort, Northern Cape
Saalspan, Northern Cape
Saamwerk, Free State
Saamwerk, Eastern Cape
Saamwerk, North-West
Saaron, Free State
Saarsveld Forestry School, Western Cape
Saasveld, Western Cape
Sabella, Free State
Sabie, Mpumalanga
Sabie Bungalows, Mpumalanga
Sabierivier, Mpumalanga
Sabiesies, Northern Cape
Sabungeni, Eastern Cape
Sacville, North-West
Sada, Eastern Cape
Saint Alban, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Alban's Mission, Eastern Cape
Saint Andrews, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Annes College, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Augustine's, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Barnabas, Eastern Cape
Saint Columbus, Eastern Cape
Saint Cuthbert's, Eastern Cape
Saint Elmo, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Faith's, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Francis, Eastern Cape
Saint Gabriel, Eastern Cape
Saint George, Mpumalanga
Saint George's Strand, Eastern Cape
Saint Gregorys, Eastern Cape
Saint Helen, Mpumalanga
Saint Helena Bay, Western Cape
Saint Helenabaai, Western Cape
Saint Isidore, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint James, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint James, Western Cape
Saint James Mission, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint John's Mission, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint John's Mission, Mpumalanga
Saint Johns, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Leonards, Eastern Cape
Saint Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Lucia Estuary, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Mark's, Eastern Cape
Saint Mathews, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Matthews, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Matthews, Eastern Cape
Saint Michael's, Eastern Cape
Saint Michael'son Sea, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Michaels Mission, Eastern Cape
Saint Mirlarm, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Patrick's, Eastern Cape
Saint Paul's, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Paul's Mission, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Pauls, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Pauls, Mpumalanga
Saint Pauls Mission, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Thomas, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Thomas Mission, KwaZulu-Natal
Saint Winifred's Beach, KwaZulu-Natal
Sak River, Northern Cape
Sakhile, Mpumalanga
Sakhrol, North-West
Sakrivier, Northern Cape
Sakute, Eastern Cape
Salaneng, North-West
Saldanha, Western Cape
Salem, Eastern Cape
Saleng, North-West
Salisbury Island, KwaZulu-Natal
Salmonslaa, Free State
Salpine, KwaZulu-Natal
Salsola, Northern Cape
Salt River, Western Cape
Salt Rock, KwaZulu-Natal
Saltpan, Free State
Salvation, KwaZulu-Natal
Salwana, Limpopo
Sambandou, Limpopo
Samekoms, Free State
Samenkoms, Free State
Samerkoms, Eastern Cape
Samesuiping, Free State
Sampse, Limpopo
Samungu, KwaZulu-Natal
Sand River Valley, KwaZulu-Natal
Sandbaai, Western Cape
Sandberg, Western Cape
Sandbult, Limpopo
Sanddrif, Free State
Sanddrif, Eastern Cape
Sanddrift, Western Cape
Sandfontein, Northern Cape
Sandfontein, Limpopo
Sandfontein, North-West
Sandhills, Western Cape
Sandhoogte, Western Cape
Sandhurst, Gauteng
Sandile, Eastern Cape
Sandkoppie Hut, Northern Cape
Sandkraalpoort, Eastern Cape
Sandkraalspoort, Eastern Cape
Sandlaer, KwaZulu-Natal
Sandland, Eastern Cape
Sandokazi, Eastern Cape
Sandown, Gauteng
Sandpoortjie, North-West
Sandrivier, Mpumalanga
Sandrivier, Western Cape
Sandspruit, Free State
Sandton, Gauteng
Sandvlakte, Eastern Cape
Sandvlei, Eastern Cape
Sangoni, Eastern Cape
Sangoyana, KwaZulu-Natal
Sangqu, Eastern Cape
Sani Pass, KwaZulu-Natal
Sanikidge, KwaZulu-Natal
Sannaspos, Free State
Sannieshof, North-West
Sans Souci, Free State
Santombe, Eastern Cape
Saphukanduka, Eastern Cape
Sapompolo, Eastern Cape
Sapulandake, Eastern Cape
Sarabub, KwaZulu-Natal
Saracen, North-West
Sarana Hall, Mpumalanga
Sardinia Bay, Eastern Cape
Sark, North-West
Saron, Western Cape
Sarsden Estate, KwaZulu-Natal
Sasane, North-West
Sasolburg, Free State
Sauer, Western Cape
Saulspoort, North-West
Saulstraat, Northern Cape
Saulsville, Gauteng
Sawongo, KwaZulu-Natal
Sawutini, Limpopo
Sawutiya, Eastern Cape
Saxony, KwaZulu-Natal
Scandinavia Drift, Free State
Scarborough, Western Cape
Scarsdale, Free State
Scatter, North-West
Scattergood, North-West
Schaapkraal, Eastern Cape
Schalkwykskraal, Eastern Cape
Schapenrust, Gauteng
Schauder, Eastern Cape
Scheepersrus, Western Cape
Scheepersrust, Western Cape
Schepkolk, Northern Cape
Schiedam, Limpopo
Schilpadfontein, Mpumalanga
Schmidts Drift, Northern Cape
Schmidtsdrif, Northern Cape
Schoemansdal, Mpumalanga
Schoemansdal, Limpopo
Schoemanshoek, Western Cape
Schoemanskloof, Mpumalanga
Schoemanskraal, Eastern Cape
Schoemansville, North-West
Schoemanville, North-West
Schoombee, Eastern Cape
Schoonbeeksfontein, Eastern Cape
Schoongezicht, KwaZulu-Natal
Schoongezicht, Free State
Schoongezicht, North-West
Schoongezicht, Western Cape
Schoongozicht, Eastern Cape
Schoonoord, Mpumalanga
Schoonoord, Limpopo
Schoonspruit, Free State
Schoonvlakte, Free State
Schoonzicht, Free State
Schotschekloof, Western Cape
Schroeders, KwaZulu-Natal
Schrynders Post, Free State
Schulzendal, Mpumalanga
Schweizer-Reineke, North-West
Schweizer-Reneke, North-West
Scotch Camp, Limpopo
Scotston, KwaZulu-Natal
Scotswood, Eastern Cape
Scottburg, KwaZulu-Natal
Scottburgh, KwaZulu-Natal
Scottburgh South, KwaZulu-Natal
Scottsburgh, KwaZulu-Natal
Scottville, Western Cape
Sea Camp, Eastern Cape
Sea Park, KwaZulu-Natal
Sea Point, Western Cape
Sea View, KwaZulu-Natal
Sea View, Eastern Cape
Sea Vista, Eastern Cape
Sea-View, KwaZulu-Natal
Seafield, KwaZulu-Natal
Seafield, Eastern Cape
Seaforth, KwaZulu-Natal
Seaforth, Western Cape
Seagulls, Eastern Cape
Seane, North-West
Seatlane, North-West
Seaview Water Park, Eastern Cape
Sebaeng, Limpopo
Sebayeng, Limpopo
Sebensa, KwaZulu-Natal
Sebitielalokasie, Limpopo
Sebokeng, Gauteng
Sebotane, Limpopo
Secunda, Mpumalanga
Sedebin, North-West
Sedgefield, Western Cape
Sediba, Free State
Sedibeng, North-West
Sedilamolamo, North-West
Sedilamolomo, North-West
Sedu Kung, North-West
Seeda, Free State
Seekoebaard Annex, Northern Cape
Seekoebaard No. 2, Northern Cape
Seekoebaard Number Two, Northern Cape
Seekoeibaardsnek, Northern Cape
Seekoeigat, Mpumalanga
Seema, Limpopo
Seepunt, Western Cape
Sefahlane, Limpopo
Sefalaolo, Limpopo
Sefosetladi, Limpopo
Segene, Free State
Segoahleng, Limpopo
Segokgo, Mpumalanga
Segole, Limpopo
Segondi, Limpopo
Segop's Location, Limpopo
Segorong, Limpopo
Segwaelane, North-West
Segwaneng, North-West
Segwasi, Limpopo
Sehlaku, Limpopo
Sehlakwane, Mpumalanga
Sehuba, North-West
Sekakene, Limpopo
Sekampaneng, North-West
Sekgakgapeng, Limpopo
Sekgophokgophong, Limpopo
Sekgoposlokasie, Limpopo
Sekgutlong, Eastern Cape
Sekgwasankwe, North-West
Sekhing, North-West
Sekhung, Limpopo
Sekhuswane, Limpopo
Sekhutlong, Free State
Sekoekoeni, Limpopo
Sekopung, Limpopo
Sekororoslokasie, Limpopo
Sekretarispan, Free State
Seku, Eastern Cape
Sekuruwe, Limpopo
Sekurwaneng, Limpopo
Sekwala, Limpopo
Selapi, Mpumalanga
Selborne, Eastern Cape
Selection, KwaZulu-Natal
Selection Beach, KwaZulu-Natal
Selection Park, Gauteng
Seleka, Limpopo
Selepe, North-West
Selobane, North-West
Selosesha, Free State
Selwaneslokasie, Limpopo
Semonkong, Eastern Cape
Senator, Limpopo
Sending, Limpopo
Sendingstasie, Eastern Cape
Senekal, Free State
Sengatane, Limpopo
Sengoma, North-West
Senita, Limpopo
Senotlelo, Mpumalanga
Senthimula's Location, Limpopo
Sentrum, Limpopo
Sentse, Eastern Cape
Sentubi, Eastern Cape
Seodin, North-West
Seoding, North-West
Seokodibeng, Limpopo
Seolong, North-West
Sepanapudi, Limpopo
Sephai, North-West
Sephaku, Limpopo
Sephaphaneng, Limpopo
Sepharene, Limpopo
Sepitsi, Limpopo
Seplan, Eastern Cape
Septimus, Limpopo
Serageng, Limpopo
Serala, Limpopo
Serare, Limpopo
Serfontein, Eastern Cape
Seringa Stad, North-West
Seringkop, Gauteng
Seriteng, Limpopo
Serokolo, Limpopo
Serolorolo, Limpopo
Sertyn, Free State
Serutube, North-West
Serwalo, Free State
Ses Brugge, Northern Cape
Sesalong, Limpopo
Sesehu, Limpopo
Sesesehu, Limpopo
Sesete, Limpopo
Sesfontein, Gauteng
Seshego, Limpopo
Sesibitswe, North-West
Seswikaneng, Limpopo
Setabataba, Eastern Cape
Setabeng, North-West
Setateng, Limpopo
Setebe, Eastern Cape
Setete, North-West
Sethathi, Eastern Cape
Sethonokgwa, Limpopo
Setlago, North-West
Setlagode, North-West
Setlagodi, North-West
Setlagoli, North-West
Setlaole, Limpopo
Setlhakeng, North-West
Setotolwane, Limpopo
Setshwatshwaneng, North-West
Settlers, Limpopo
Settlers Pride, Limpopo
Setuat, North-West
Setuphulane, Limpopo
Seven Fountains, Eastern Cape
Seven Weeks Poort, Western Cape
Sevenoaks, KwaZulu-Natal
Severn, North-West
Seville, Limpopo
Sewale, Limpopo
Sewefontein , Eastern Cape
Sewefontein , Eastern Cape
Sewefontein, KwaZulu-Natal
Sewefontein, Eastern Cape
Sewefontein, Mpumalanga
Seweweekspoort, Western Cape
Seymour, Eastern Cape
Seymur, Eastern Cape
Sezela, KwaZulu-Natal
Shaka's Rock, KwaZulu-Natal
Shakaskraal, KwaZulu-Natal
Shakoleng, Limpopo
Shakung, North-West
Shaleng, North-West
Shambles, KwaZulu-Natal
Sharpeville, Gauteng
Sharpville, Gauteng
Shawbury, Eastern Cape
Sheba, Mpumalanga
Sheba Mine, Mpumalanga
Sheepmoor, Mpumalanga
Sheepwalk, Western Cape
Sheffield Beach, KwaZulu-Natal
Shelly Beach, KwaZulu-Natal
Shemula, KwaZulu-Natal
Shenstone, Eastern Cape
Sheridan, Free State
Sherwood, KwaZulu-Natal
Sheshego Fingo, Eastern Cape
Sheshegu, Eastern Cape
Shewasaulu, Limpopo
Shikundu, Limpopo
Shilabeni, Eastern Cape
Shilobane, Limpopo
Shilowa, Limpopo
Shiluvane, Limpopo
Shingomeni, Limpopo
Shingwedzi, Limpopo
Shingwedzi Rest Camp, Limpopo
Shingwidzi, Limpopo
Shingwidzi Ruskamp, Limpopo
Shiphukuphuku, Limpopo
Shippard, Northern Cape
Shippards Gift, North-West
Shipton, North-West
Shirley, Limpopo
Shitwi, Limpopo
Shixini, Eastern Cape
Shiyabantu, KwaZulu-Natal
Shoebury Heights, Western Cape
Sholora, Eastern Cape
Shongwe, KwaZulu-Natal
Shongwe, Mpumalanga
Shongwe Mission, Mpumalanga
Shongwe Store, KwaZulu-Natal
Shoongesig, Free State
Shoongezicht, North-West
Shooters Hill, KwaZulu-Natal
Shukenxa, Eastern Cape
Shukuna, Eastern Cape
Shushulin, North-West
Shwele-Shwele, Eastern Cape
Sias, North-West
Sibange, Mpumalanga
Sibasa, Limpopo
Sibayeni, Mpumalanga
Sibera, Eastern Cape
Siberia, Eastern Cape
Siberia, North-West
Sibhozweni, Eastern Cape
Sibhudeni, KwaZulu-Natal
Sibton, Free State
Sibylia, Free State
Sicwenza, Eastern Cape
Sidadeni, Eastern Cape
Sidakeni, Eastern Cape
Sidanda, Eastern Cape
Sidanga, Eastern Cape
Sidbury, Eastern Cape
Sidi Barrani, Northern Cape
Sidiken, Eastern Cape
Sidinsi, KwaZulu-Natal
Sidney on Vaal, Northern Cape
Sidneyvale, Western Cape
Sidubi Poort, Eastern Cape
Sidutyini, Eastern Cape
Sidwadweni, Eastern Cape
Sidwell, Eastern Cape
Sieraadsfontein, Eastern Cape
Sifondile, Eastern Cape
Sigande, Limpopo
Sigangeni, Eastern Cape
Sigingeni, Eastern Cape
Siginggini, Eastern Cape
Sigingini, Eastern Cape
Siginqini, Eastern Cape
Sigitini, Eastern Cape
Sigma Myn, Free State
Sigodini, Eastern Cape
Sigodlweni, Eastern Cape
Sigoga, Eastern Cape
Sigogo, Eastern Cape
Sigonde, Limpopo
Sigubudu, Eastern Cape
Sigubudweni, Eastern Cape
Sigubudwini, Eastern Cape
Sigundwaneni, Eastern Cape
Sigungqwini, Eastern Cape
Sihangwane, KwaZulu-Natal
Sihlabeni, Eastern Cape
Sihlahleni, Eastern Cape
Sihlangu, Mpumalanga
Sihlenga, KwaZulu-Natal
Sihleza, Eastern Cape
Sihlitho, Eastern Cape
Sihlito, Eastern Cape
Sihlonyaneni, Eastern Cape
Sihlutshana, KwaZulu-Natal
Sihom, Eastern Cape
Sijika, Eastern Cape
Sijoka, Eastern Cape
Sikelo, Eastern Cape
Sikelweni, Eastern Cape
Sikemane, Eastern Cape
Sikewini, Eastern Cape
Sikhepheni, Eastern Cape
Sikhetlane, Eastern Cape
Sikhulu, Eastern Cape
Sikhwahlane, Mpumalanga
Sikobeni, Eastern Cape
Sikolweni, Eastern Cape
Sikungwini, Eastern Cape
Sikwane, North-West
Sikweni, Eastern Cape
Silakatskop, North-West
Silberman's Post, Gauteng
Silbermanspos, Gauteng
Sileni, Eastern Cape
Silevini, Eastern Cape
Silinda, Mpumalanga
Silindini, Eastern Cape
Silkaatskop, North-West
Silutshana, KwaZulu-Natal
Silver Sands, Western Cape
Silverhurst, Western Cape
Silvermere, Eastern Cape
Silveroaks, North-West
Silverstream, Eastern Cape
Silverton, KwaZulu-Natal
Silverton, Gauteng
Silvertown, Western Cape
Silwana's Location, Limpopo
Silwansslokasie, Limpopo
Silwermyn, Western Cape
Simon's Town, Western Cape
Simonstad, Western Cape
Simozomeni, KwaZulu-Natal
Sinangwana, Eastern Cape
Sinathingi, KwaZulu-Natal
Singangala, Eastern Cape
Singapore, Limpopo
Singeni, Eastern Cape
Singobile, Mpumalanga
Singumeni, Eastern Cape
Sinoville, Gauteng
Sinqungweni, Eastern Cape
Sinthumule, Limpopo
Sinthumuleslokasie, Limpopo
Sinuka, Eastern Cape
Sinxago, Eastern Cape
Sinyaqa, Eastern Cape
Sipambo Basin, Eastern Cape
Sipetu, Eastern Cape
Sipezini, Eastern Cape
Siphahleni, KwaZulu-Natal
Siphaqeni, Eastern Cape
Siphelanyane, Mpumalanga
Sipilini, Eastern Cape
Sipolweni, Eastern Cape
Sipres, Free State
Sipundu, Eastern Cape
Sipusipu, Eastern Cape
Siqhingeni, Eastern Cape
Siqikini, Eastern Cape
Siqingeni, Eastern Cape
Siqitini, Eastern Cape
Sirosheni, Eastern Cape
Sirudlwini, Eastern Cape
Sisele, Eastern Cape
Sishen, Northern Cape
Sisuza, Eastern Cape
Sitana, Eastern Cape
Sitatwini, Eastern Cape
Sitebe, KwaZulu-Natal
Sitebe, Eastern Cape
Sithaleni, Eastern Cape
Sithana, Eastern Cape
Sithangameni, Eastern Cape
Sithunjwana, KwaZulu-Natal
Sitishini, Eastern Cape
Sitofela, KwaZulu-Natal
Sitoleni, Eastern Cape
Sitoromo, Eastern Cape
Sitoza, Eastern Cape
Sitshayelweni, Eastern Cape
Situndu, KwaZulu-Natal
Sivivane, Eastern Cape
Sivivaneni, KwaZulu-Natal
Sivule, KwaZulu-Natal
Siweni, KwaZulu-Natal
Sixambust, Eastern Cape
Sixambuzi, Eastern Cape
Sixhotyeni, Eastern Cape
Sixonkxweni, Eastern Cape
Sixotgeni, Eastern Cape
Sixotyeni, Eastern Cape
Sixuzulu, Eastern Cape
Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga
Siyakhathala, KwaZulu-Natal
Siyalweni, Eastern Cape
Siyate, Eastern Cape
Sizabantu, KwaZulu-Natal
Sizindini, Eastern Cape
Sizini, Eastern Cape
Skaapkraal, Free State
Skandinawiƫdrif, Free State
Skatfontein, Free State
Skeenshoek, Limpopo
Skeerhok, Northern Cape
Skeerwater, Northern Cape
Skemer, Free State
Skerpenhevwel, Western Cape
Skerpioenkolk, Northern Cape
Skerpioenpunt, Northern Cape
Skerploenpunt, Northern Cape
Skietboek, Free State
Skietfontein, Eastern Cape
Skietfontein, Northern Cape
Skiethoek, Free State
Skietlegte, Eastern Cape
Skikplaas, Eastern Cape
Skilderkrans, Eastern Cape
Skilpadfontein, Mpumalanga
Skilpadgat, Western Cape
Skipskop, Western Cape
Skisazana, Eastern Cape
Skitter, North-West
Skoemansdrif, Eastern Cape
Skoenmakerskop, Eastern Cape
Skoonoord, Limpopo
Skoonsig, Free State
Skoonvlakte, Free State
Skukuza, Mpumalanga
Skullpoint, Limpopo
Slaapkop, Eastern Cape
Slabberts, Free State
Slagboom, North-West
Slagterskop, Free State
Slangfontein, Free State
Slanghoek, Western Cape
Slaters, KwaZulu-Natal
Slaters Store, KwaZulu-Natal
Slates Drift, KwaZulu-Natal
Sleeohoek, Eastern Cape
Sleutelfontein, Mpumalanga
Slough, North-West
Slurry, North-West
Smaldeel, Free State
Smaldeel, Eastern Cape
Smauswane, North-West
Smiling Valley, Eastern Cape
Smith's Mine, Northern Cape
Smithfield, Free State
Smithfield, Eastern Cape
Smithsriviere, Eastern Cape
Smits Kraal, Northern Cape
Smitsrust, Eastern Cape
Snakefield, Eastern Cape
Sneezewood, Eastern Cape
Snymansbult, Mpumalanga
Snymanskraal, Eastern Cape
Snymansvlei, North-West
Sobabili, KwaZulu-Natal
Sobamdlovu, KwaZulu-Natal
Sobantu, KwaZulu-Natal
Soberton, KwaZulu-Natal
Sodoma, Limpopo
Soebatsfontein, Northern Cape
Soekmekaar, Limpopo
Soetdorings, Limpopo
Soetfontein, Free State
Soetfontein, Eastern Cape
Soetvelde, Limpopo
Soetvlei, Free State
Solferino, Free State
Solitude, Limpopo
Solomondale, Limpopo
Somabadi, Eastern Cape
Somerplaats, Mpumalanga
Somerset, KwaZulu-Natal
Somerset, Limpopo
Somerset East, Eastern Cape
Somerset West, Western Cape
Somerset-Oos, Eastern Cape
Somersetwes, Western Cape
Somersvlakte, Free State
Somerton, Eastern Cape
Somkele, KwaZulu-Natal
Sommas, Northern Cape
Somnaas, Northern Cape
Somshoek, KwaZulu-Natal
Sonderlaag, Free State
Sonderpan-Oos, Northern Cape
Sonderwater, Gauteng
Sonderwaterkraal, Northern Cape
Sonkana, Eastern Cape
Sonlandpark, Gauteng
Sonneblom, Free State
Sonneblom, Eastern Cape
Sonnedal, Gauteng
Sonnig, Eastern Cape
Sonop, Free State
Sonop, Eastern Cape
Sonop, North-West
Sonop Veepos, Northern Cape
Sonquasdrif, Western Cape
Sonskyn, Free State
Sonskyn, Eastern Cape
Sonskyn, Western Cape
Sonstraal, Northern Cape
Sonstraal, Western Cape
Sophiatown, Gauteng
Sorgvliet, Free State
Sorgvliet, Eastern Cape
Soshanguve, Gauteng
Soto, Eastern Cape
Soutbos, North-West
South African National Tuberculosis Settlement, Eastern Cape
South End, Eastern Cape
South Holme, Free State
South Sand Bluff, Eastern Cape
Southbroom, KwaZulu-Natal
Southdene, Eastern Cape
Southdene, Gauteng
Southernwood, Eastern Cape
Southey, North-West
Southeyville, Eastern Cape
Southfield, Western Cape
Southport, KwaZulu-Natal
Southwell, Eastern Cape
Soutpan, Free State
Soutpan, Gauteng
Soutpomp, North-West
Soutputs, Northern Cape
Soutrivier, Northern Cape
Soutrivier, Western Cape
Souvereign, Eastern Cape
Sovane, KwaZulu-Natal
Soweto, Gauteng
Spandau, Eastern Cape
Spandauville, Eastern Cape
Sparkling Hills, Eastern Cape
Sparks, KwaZulu-Natal
Sparta, Mpumalanga
Speelmanshoek, Northern Cape
Speelmansrivier, Western Cape
Speranza, Free State
Sperville, Free State
Spes Bona, Eastern Cape
Spes Bona, Western Cape
Spesbona, KwaZulu-Natal
Spesbona, Northern Cape
Spetfontein, Free State
Sphinx, Gauteng
Spies, Western Cape
Spinnekop, Mpumalanga
Spinnies, KwaZulu-Natal
Spitskop , Eastern Cape
Spitskop, KwaZulu-Natal
Spitskop, Free State
Spitskop, Eastern Cape
Spitskop, Mpumalanga
Spitskop, Limpopo
Spitskop, Western Cape
Spitspunt, Mpumalanga
Spitzkop, KwaZulu-Natal
Spitzkop, Free State
Spitzkop, Northern Cape
Spitzkop, Western Cape
Spreeufontein, Free State
Spreeufontein, Eastern Cape
Spring Hill, Eastern Cape
Spring Vale, Eastern Cape
Spring Vale South African National Tuberculosis Settlement, Eastern Cape
Spring Valley, Eastern Cape
Spring's, Eastern Cape
Springbok, Free State
Springbok, Mpumalanga
Springbok, Northern Cape
Springbok, Western Cape
Springbok Fontein, Northern Cape
Springbokfontein, Free State
Springbokpan, North-West
Springfield, KwaZulu-Natal
Springfield, Free State
Springfield, Eastern Cape
Springfield Collieries, Gauteng
Springfield Flats, KwaZulu-Natal
Springfontein, Free State
Springfontein, Eastern Cape
Springfontein, Mpumalanga
Springkaanfontein, Free State
Springs, Free State
Springs, Eastern Cape
Springs, Gauteng
Springvale, Eastern Cape
Springvale, Eastern Cape
Springvale, North-West
Spykerras, Gauteng
Square Hill, Western Cape
Staatsplaas, Eastern Cape
Stable, Limpopo
Stafford's Post, KwaZulu-Natal
Stafpoort, Free State
Standerston, Mpumalanga
Standerton, Mpumalanga
Standplaas, Western Cape
Standplaats, Western Cape
Stanfieldhill, Mpumalanga
Stanford, Western Cape
Stanger, KwaZulu-Natal
Stanger Station, KwaZulu-Natal
Steadmore, KwaZulu-Natal
Steel's Drift, Free State
Steelpoort, Mpumalanga
Steelwater, Western Cape
Steenberg, Western Cape
Steenbokpan, Limpopo
Steenbras, Western Cape
Stefanus, Free State
Steilloop Bridge, Limpopo
Steilloopbrug, Limpopo
Steillopbrug, Limpopo
Steilnek, North-West
Steilrand, KwaZulu-Natal
Steinau, Eastern Cape
Steinkopf, Northern Cape
Stella, North-West
Stellaland, Free State
Stellenberg, Western Cape
Stellenbosch, Western Cape
Stendal, KwaZulu-Natal
Stenekamps Kop, Free State
Sterkfontein , Eastern Cape
Sterkfontein , Eastern Cape
Sterkfontein, Free State
Sterkfontein, Eastern Cape
Sterkfontein, Limpopo
Sterkloop, Mpumalanga
Sterkloop, Limpopo
Sterkrivier, Limpopo
Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape
Sterkspruit, Mpumalanga
Sterkstroom, Free State
Sterkstroom, Eastern Cape
Sterkwater, Free State
Sterlefontein, Free State
Sterling Park, Eastern Cape
Sternham, Northern Cape
Steunmekaar, Free State
Stevnsrus, Eastern Cape
Stewartby, North-West
Stewarton, Eastern Cape
Steynsburg, Eastern Cape
Steynsdorp, Mpumalanga
Steynskraal, Free State
Steynsnek, Eastern Cape
Steynsrus, Free State
Steynsrust, Free State
Steynsrust, Eastern Cape
Steytlerville, Eastern Cape
Sthaberg, North-West
Stiebeuelvlei, Northern Cape
Stil Gelee, Gauteng
Stilbaai, Western Cape
Stilbaai-Oos, Western Cape
Stilbaai-Wes, Western Cape
Stilbaaistrand, Western Cape
Stilfontein, Free State
Stilfontein, North-West
Still Bay, Western Cape
Still Bay East, Western Cape
Still Bay Strand, Western Cape
Still Bay West, Western Cape
Stille Woning, Free State
Stillerus, Free State
Stillerus, Northern Cape
Stillerus, North-West
Stillerust, Free State
Stillerust, Eastern Cape
Stillestroom, Free State
Stilstaan-en-Afspring, Northern Cape
Stilverwag, Northern Cape
Stink Puts, Northern Cape
Stinkbrak, Northern Cape
Stinkfontein, Northern Cape
Stinkhoutfontein, Free State
Stinkord, Eastern Cape
Stinkwater, North-West
Stock Basin, Eastern Cape
Stockdale, Eastern Cape
Stockton, Eastern Cape
Stockville, Western Cape
Stofbakkies, Northern Cape
Stofberg, Gauteng
Stofberg-Gedenkskool, Gauteng
Stoffberg, Mpumalanga
Stoffberggedenkskool, Gauteng
Stoffelshoek, North-West
Stokwes Basin, Eastern Cape
Stomp, Mpumalanga
Stompneus Bay, Western Cape
Stompneusbaai, Western Cape
Ston, KwaZulu-Natal
Stone Edge, Limpopo
Stoneleigh, Eastern Cape
Stoney Croft, Eastern Cape
Stoneycroft, Eastern Cape
Stoomhoek, Free State
Stormberg, Eastern Cape
Storms River, Eastern Cape
Stormsrivier, Eastern Cape
Stormsriviermond, Eastern Cape
Stormsvlei, Western Cape
Strand, Western Cape
Strandfontein, Northern Cape
Strandfontein, Western Cape
Strandskloof, Western Cape
Strathavon, Gauteng
Strathfield, Eastern Cape
Strathmore Park, KwaZulu-Natal
Strathroy, KwaZulu-Natal
Straussburg, Northern Cape
Strazon Estates, Mpumalanga
Streatham, Limpopo
Struis Bay, Western Cape
Struisbaai, Western Cape
Struishoek, Northern Cape
Strydberg Post, KwaZulu-Natal
Strydenburg, Northern Cape
Strydfontein , Eastern Cape
Strydfontein, KwaZulu-Natal
Strydfontein, Free State
Strydfontein, Gauteng
Strydfontein, North-West
Strydkraal, Limpopo
Strydom College, Free State
Strydpoort, Free State
Studholme, Limpopo
Studtis, Eastern Cape
Stutterheim, Eastern Cape
Stuurmanspoort, Northern Cape
Stylrand, KwaZulu-Natal
Subridge, Northern Cape
Sugarbush, Eastern Cape
Suger Bush, Eastern Cape
Suid-Holland, Limpopo
Suideinde, Eastern Cape
Suidelyn, Free State
Suider-Paarl, Western Cape
Suiderkruis, Western Cape
Suikerbostuin, North-West
Suikersteek, Northern Cape
Suits Me, KwaZulu-Natal
Sukani, Limpopo
Sukses, Northern Cape
Sulenkama, Eastern Cape
Sulphur Spring, Mpumalanga
Sulphur Springs, Mpumalanga
Sultanaoord, Northern Cape
Summer Pride, Free State
Summer Pride, Eastern Cape
Summerstrand, Eastern Cape
Sumsare, Limpopo
Sun City, North-West
Sun Valley, Western Cape
Sun Valley Farm, KwaZulu-Natal
Sun Valley In, Mpumalanga
Sundrift, KwaZulu-Natal
Sundumbili, KwaZulu-Natal
Sunduza, Eastern Cape
Sunduzi, Eastern Cape
Sundwana, Eastern Cape
Sundwane, Eastern Cape
Sunkels Drift, KwaZulu-Natal
Sunkelsdrif, KwaZulu-Natal
Sunland, Eastern Cape
Sunlands, Eastern Cape
Sunningdale, Limpopo
Sunny Ridge, Eastern Cape
Sunny Seas, Western Cape
Sunnyacres, Western Cape
Sunnycroft, Western Cape
Sunnydale, Free State
Sunnyridge, Eastern Cape
Sunnyside, KwaZulu-Natal
Sunnyside, Free State
Sunnyside, Eastern Cape
Sunnyside, Gauteng
Sunnyside, Western Cape
Sunray, Eastern Cape
Sunridge Park, Eastern Cape
Sunrise, Eastern Cape
Sunrise-on-Sea, Eastern Cape
Sunwich Port, KwaZulu-Natal
Supingstad, North-West
Surats, KwaZulu-Natal
Surats Store, KwaZulu-Natal
Surrey Estate, Western Cape
Surrey Estates, Western Cape
Surreyvale, KwaZulu-Natal
Susannas Rust, Free State
Susterstroom, Gauteng
Suswe, Limpopo
Sutcliffe Vale, Eastern Cape
Sutelong, North-West
Sutherland, KwaZulu-Natal
Sutherland, Northern Cape
Sutton, Northern Cape
Suurberg, Eastern Cape
Suurbraak, Western Cape
Suurbult, Free State
Suurfontein , Eastern Cape
Suurman, North-West
Swaardraai, Northern Cape
Swaelkrans, Eastern Cape
Swakfontein , Eastern Cape
Swale, Limpopo
Swane, Eastern Cape
Swane Ridge, Eastern Cape
Swanepoelskraal, Eastern Cape
Swanepoelsrust, Limpopo
Swani Ridge, Eastern Cape
Swartbaadjie, Northern Cape
Swartbaken, Northern Cape
Swartberg, KwaZulu-Natal
Swartbooistad, North-West
Swartbooistat, North-West
Swartboom, North-West
Swartdamstad, North-West
Swartdamstat, North-West
Swartfontein , Free State
Swartfontein , Free State
Swartfontein , Eastern Cape
Swartfontein , Eastern Cape
Swartfontein, Free State
Swartfontein, Mpumalanga
Swartfontein Arbeidskolonie, Mpumalanga
Swarthoogte, KwaZulu-Natal
Swartjan, Free State
Swartklip, Limpopo
Swartklip, Western Cape
Swartkop, Eastern Cape
Swartkop, Northern Cape
Swartkopfonteinhek, North-West
Swartkoplokasie, Limpopo
Swartkoppies, Free State
Swartkoppies, Northern Cape
Swartkops, Eastern Cape
Swartkopspan, Northern Cape
Swartlaagte, Free State
Swartlaagte, Eastern Cape
Swartmodder, Northern Cape
Swartoup, Northern Cape
Swartruggens, North-West
Swartspruit, Gauteng
Swartwater, Eastern Cape
Swartwater, Limpopo
Swartwater, Western Cape
Swazini, Eastern Cape
Sweet Valley, Free State
Sweet Valley, Western Cape
Sweet Waters, KwaZulu-Natal
Sweetfontein, Free State
Sweethome, North-West
Sweetlayini, Eastern Cape
Sweetwaters, KwaZulu-Natal
Swelela, KwaZulu-Natal
Swellendam, Western Cape
Swesterpan, Free State
Swinburne, Free State
Swinburne, Eastern Cape
Swiss Farm, Western Cape
Sybrandskraal, Gauteng
Sydenham, KwaZulu-Natal
Sydenham, Eastern Cape
Sydney, North-West
Sydney on Vaal, Northern Cape
Syferkuil, North-West
Synmanskraal, Eastern Cape