What is the latitude and longitude of Laxey - North-West?

These are the geographical coordinates of the city:
Latitude: -26.7166667
Longitude: 23.1666667

Driving distances from Laxey, North-West

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Ha-Folovhodwe, Limpopo
Ha-Lambani, Limpopo
Ha-Madala, Limpopo
Ha-Madodonga, Limpopo
Ha-Magau, Limpopo
Ha-Magoro, Limpopo
Ha-Majoro, Eastern Cape
Ha-Mamuhoyi, Limpopo
Ha-Manavhela, Limpopo
Ha-Mantsha, Limpopo
Ha-Matsheketsheke, Limpopo
Ha-Matsika, Limpopo
Ha-Mavhunga, Limpopo
Ha-Mothibisi, Eastern Cape
Ha-Mubua, Limpopo
Ha-Nokholoko, Eastern Cape
Ha-Qhadi, Eastern Cape
Ha-Rabali, Limpopo
Ha-Radali, Limpopo
Ha-Ramahantsha, Limpopo
Ha-Ramarolong, Eastern Cape
Ha-Rankopane, Free State
Ha-Sefoko, Eastern Cape
Ha-Tlhakanelo, Eastern Cape
Haakdoorn, Northern Cape
Haakdoorndraai, Mpumalanga
Haakdoringdraai, Mpumalanga
Haarlem, Eastern Cape
Haarlem, Western Cape
Haasfonteindorings, Eastern Cape
Haaskraal, North-West
Haaspoort, Eastern Cape
Hackney, Eastern Cape
Hackney and Cibini, Eastern Cape
Hadi, Eastern Cape
Hadiaho, Eastern Cape
Haenerstburg, Limpopo
Haenertsburg, Limpopo
Haga-Haga, Eastern Cape
Haga-Haga Bay, Eastern Cape
Hagesdam, Free State
Haisaka, Eastern Cape
Hakboslaagte, North-West
Halfpadrivier, Northern Cape
Halfway House, Gauteng
Halifax, North-West
Hallack Rock, Eastern Cape
Halseton, Eastern Cape
Hamakuya, Limpopo
Hamburg, Eastern Cape
Hamewith, KwaZulu-Natal
Hamilton, Free State
Hammanskraal, North-West
Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal
Hammersdale, KwaZulu-Natal
Hamsini, Eastern Cape
Hanakoe, Free State
Hananwa, Limpopo
Hanglip, Limpopo
Haningfontein, Limpopo
Hankey, Eastern Cape
Hannskop, Western Cape
Hanover, Eastern Cape
Hanover, Mpumalanga
Hanover Park, Western Cape
Hans Masibislokasie, Limpopo
Hans se Kaalte, Limpopo
Hanslaagte, Mpumalanga
Hansonia, KwaZulu-Natal
Happy Home, Eastern Cape
Happy Rest, Limpopo
Happy Valley, Eastern Cape
Happy Valley, Northern Cape
Happy Valley, Western Cape
Harantsatsa, Free State
Harburg, KwaZulu-Natal
Hardale, Eastern Cape
Hardekraaltjie, Limpopo
Harden Heights, KwaZulu-Natal
Hardeveld, Eastern Cape
Harding, KwaZulu-Natal
Hardop, Eastern Cape
Harefield, Eastern Cape
Harkerville, Western Cape
Harmonie, Free State
Harmonie, Eastern Cape
Harmonie, Limpopo
Harmony, Limpopo
Harmony, Western Cape
Harpington, North-West
Harrismith, Free State
Harrison, KwaZulu-Natal
Harrow, North-West
Hart Dale, Eastern Cape
Hartbeesbult, Limpopo
Hartbeesfontein, Free State
Hartbeesfontein, Mpumalanga
Hartbeesfontein, North-West
Hartbeesnek, Eastern Cape
Hartbeespoort, North-West
Hartbeestfontein, Limpopo
Hartebeesfontein, Free State
Hartebeesfontein, Eastern Cape
Hartebeesfontein, Limpopo
Hartebeesfontein, North-West
Hartebeeskop, Mpumalanga
Hartebeeskraal, Western Cape
Hartebeesnek , Eastern Cape
Hartebeesnek , Eastern Cape
Hartebeespoort, Limpopo
Hartebeesrivier, Western Cape
Hartebeest Rivier, Western Cape
Hartebeest Vlakte, Northern Cape
Hartebeestfontein, North-West
Hartebeestkop, Mpumalanga
Hartebeestkraal, Western Cape
Hartebeestpoort, North-West
Hartebeestspruit, Mpumalanga
Hartelus, Mpumalanga
Hartenbos, Western Cape
Hartlea, KwaZulu-Natal
Harts River, North-West
Hartsdale, Eastern Cape
Hartsenbergfontein, Gauteng
Hartsrivier, North-West
Hartzenbergfontein, Gauteng
Hasana, Limpopo
Hasetati, Eastern Cape
Hatchley, Eastern Cape
Hatchleydene, Eastern Cape
Hatfield, Gauteng
Hatherley, Gauteng
Hatherly, Gauteng
Hattingspruit, KwaZulu-Natal
Hauptsrus, North-West
Hauptsrust, North-West
Hawston, Western Cape
Hay Paddock, KwaZulu-Natal
Hayfield, Free State
Hazeldene, KwaZulu-Natal
Hazeldene, Eastern Cape
Hazenjacht, Western Cape
Hazyview, Mpumalanga
Healdton Fingo, Eastern Cape
Healdtown, Eastern Cape
Heather Bell, Gauteng
Heatherlands, Western Cape
Heathfield, Eastern Cape
Heathfield, Western Cape
Heathview, North-West
Heatonville, KwaZulu-Natal
Heavyrest Mission, North-West
Hebehebe, Eastern Cape
Hebron, Free State
Hebron, Eastern Cape
Hebron, North-West
Heckel, Eastern Cape
Hectorspruit, Mpumalanga
Hedley Plains, Northern Cape
Heelfontein, Free State
Heelgoed, Free State
Heeltevrede, Free State
Heidelberg, Gauteng
Heidelberg, Western Cape
Heidelburg, Gauteng
Heideveld, Western Cape
Heights, Eastern Cape
Heilbron, Free State
Heilbron, Eastern Cape
Heiso, North-West
Hekpoort, Gauteng
Hekpoort, Limpopo
Hela Hela, KwaZulu-Natal
Helderberg, Western Cape
Helderberg College, Western Cape
Helderblom, Gauteng
Helderhoek, Free State
Helderpoort, Free State
Helderstroom, Western Cape
Helena, Eastern Cape
Helena's Rust, Gauteng
Helene Franz, Limpopo
Helleton, Free State
Hellsgate, North-West
Helmekaal, Eastern Cape
Helmekaar, Eastern Cape
Helpmekaar, KwaZulu-Natal
Helpmekaar, Eastern Cape
Helpmekaar, Northern Cape
Helvetia North, Mpumalanga
Helvetia-Noord, Mpumalanga
Hely Grove, Eastern Cape
Hemelraad, Western Cape
Henburg Park, KwaZulu-Natal
Hendrik Bakenberg Masibislokasie, Limpopo
Hendrina, Mpumalanga
Hendrinakrag, Mpumalanga
Henkries Mond, Northern Cape
Henley on Klip, Gauteng
Hennenman, Free State
Henningsdale, Free State
Herberg, Eastern Cape
Herbertsdale, Western Cape
Herbou, Eastern Cape
Herbstfontein, Mpumalanga
Hercules, Eastern Cape
Hercules, Gauteng
Hermansburg, North-West
Hermanus, Free State
Hermanus, Western Cape
Hermiston, Eastern Cape
Hermitage, Free State
Hermon, Western Cape
Herold, Western Cape
Heroldsbaai, Western Cape
Herschel, Eastern Cape
Hertzog, North-West
Hertzogville, Free State
Hesselwood, KwaZulu-Natal
Hessiesdeel, Free State
Hessiesdeel, Eastern Cape
Het Kruis, Western Cape
Heumingfontein, Gauteng
Heuningspruit, Free State
Hex River, Northern Cape
Hex River, Western Cape
Hexrivier, Western Cape
Heynsrus, Eastern Cape
Heynsrust, Eastern Cape
Heystekrand, North-West
Hiabisa, KwaZulu-Natal
Hibberdene, KwaZulu-Natal
Hibernia, Free State
Hiddingh, Western Cape
Higgovale, Western Cape
Higgs' Hope, Northern Cape
High Riding, Western Cape
High View, Eastern Cape
Highbury, KwaZulu-Natal
Highfield, KwaZulu-Natal
Highflats, KwaZulu-Natal
Highland Home, Western Cape
Highlands, KwaZulu-Natal
Highlands, Free State
Highlands, Eastern Cape
Highlands, Mpumalanga
Hilda Heath, Eastern Cape
Hildesheim, KwaZulu-Natal
Hildreth Ridge, Limpopo
Hillandale, KwaZulu-Natal
Hillandale, Free State
Hillary, KwaZulu-Natal
Hillbrow, Gauteng
Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal
Hillcrest, Eastern Cape
Hillcroft, Eastern Cape
Hillhead, Eastern Cape
Hillshaven, Gauteng
Hillside, KwaZulu-Natal
Hillside, Eastern Cape
Hillside, Gauteng
Hillsowen, Mpumalanga
Hilltop, KwaZulu-Natal
Hilltop, Eastern Cape
Hillview, Eastern Cape
Hillvue, Eastern Cape
Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal
Hilton Road, KwaZulu-Natal
Hiltonia, Gauteng
Himeville, KwaZulu-Natal
Hiwahlwazi, Eastern Cape
Hkankweni, Eastern Cape
Hlaba, KwaZulu-Natal
Hlabati, Eastern Cape
Hlabatini, Eastern Cape
Hlabatshane, Eastern Cape
Hlabeni, Eastern Cape
Hlabisa, KwaZulu-Natal
Hlabiti, Eastern Cape
Hlakoane, Eastern Cape
Hlane, Eastern Cape
Hlangalane, Eastern Cape
Hlangani, Eastern Cape
Hlangasa, KwaZulu-Natal
Hlani, Eastern Cape
Hlaniki, Limpopo
Hlanjwa, Eastern Cape
Hlankomo, Eastern Cape
Hlapabomvu, Eastern Cape
Hlauhlau, Mpumalanga
Hlazakazi, KwaZulu-Natal
Hlobane, KwaZulu-Natal
Hlobo, Eastern Cape
Hlogotlou, Limpopo
Hlokozi, KwaZulu-Natal
Hlomendlini, Eastern Cape
Hlomohlomo, KwaZulu-Natal
Hluhluwe, KwaZulu-Natal
Hluku, KwaZulu-Natal
Hluleka, Eastern Cape
Hluvukani, Limpopo
Hlwahlwazi, Eastern Cape
Hlwanlwazi, Eastern Cape
Hobb's Hope, North-West
Hobeni, Eastern Cape
Hobhouse, Free State
Hode, Eastern Cape
Hoedjes Bay, Western Cape
Hoedjesbaai, Western Cape
Hoedspruit, Limpopo
Hoekfontein, Free State
Hoekfontein, North-West
Hoeko, Western Cape
Hoëkraal, Mpumalanga
Hoekskraal, Eastern Cape
Hoekwil, Western Cape
Hoekwill, Western Cape
Hoetjes Bay, Western Cape
Hoëveld, Northern Cape
Hofisi, Eastern Cape
Hofmeyr, Eastern Cape
Hogsback, Eastern Cape
Hohane, Eastern Cape
Hohobeng, Eastern Cape
Holbeck, North-West
Holboskolk, Northern Cape
Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape
Holela, Eastern Cape
Holfontein, Free State
Holfontein, Gauteng
Holgat, Northern Cape
Holgat Farm, Northern Cape
Holland Park, Eastern Cape
Holmdene, Free State
Holmesdale, Free State
Holnek, Mpumalanga
Holstein, Free State
Holy Cross, KwaZulu-Natal
Holy Cross, Eastern Cape
Holy Cross Mission, KwaZulu-Natal
Holy Cross Mission, Eastern Cape
Home Farm, KwaZulu-Natal
Home Park, Eastern Cape
Homestead, Mpumalanga
Homestead Apple Orchards, Gauteng
Homeward, Free State
Homewood, KwaZulu-Natal
Hondepan, Northern Cape
Honeybird, Mpumalanga
Honeydew, Gauteng
Honeyvale, Gauteng
Honeyville, Eastern Cape
Honingvley, Limpopo
Hoog-en-Droog, Limpopo
Hoogedoorns, Limpopo
Hoogekraal, Mpumalanga
Hoogland, Eastern Cape
Hoogstede , Eastern Cape
Hoogstede , Eastern Cape
Hoogstede, Free State
Hoogstede, Eastern Cape
Hoogstepunt, Limpopo
Hoogte, Free State
Hooikraal, Western Cape
Hoopdal, Limpopo
Hoopstad, Free State
Hoopvol, Western Cape
Hope, Free State
Hope Vale, Eastern Cape
Hope Valley, Free State
Hope Well, Eastern Cape
Hopefield, Eastern Cape
Hopefield, Western Cape
Hopeleigh, Eastern Cape
Hopevale, Eastern Cape
Hopewell, KwaZulu-Natal
Hopewell, Eastern Cape
Hopwood, Eastern Cape
Hornlee, Western Cape
Hornsnek, Gauteng
Horseshoe, Eastern Cape
Horton, Eastern Cape
Hot Springs, Western Cape
Hota, Eastern Cape
Hota-Mbeule, Eastern Cape
Hotagterklip, Western Cape
Hotolos, Eastern Cape
Hototo, Eastern Cape
Hottentotspoort, Eastern Cape
Hou Moed, Western Cape
Houghton, Gauteng
Houghton Estate, Gauteng
Houhoek, Western Cape
Houniams, Northern Cape
Hout Bay, Western Cape
Hout River, Limpopo
Houtbaai, Western Cape
Houtberg, Free State
Houtboschdorp, Limpopo
Houtbosdorp, Limpopo
Houtkloof, Eastern Cape
Houtkop, Gauteng
Houtnek, Free State
Houtrivier, Limpopo
Howden, North-West
Howick, KwaZulu-Natal
Howieson's Poort, Eastern Cape
Hueningkrans, Free State
Hugenoot, Free State
Hughenden, Eastern Cape
Huguenot, Eastern Cape
Huhudi, North-West
Hukuwa, Eastern Cape
Hukwini, Eastern Cape
Hulele, Eastern Cape
Hulett's, KwaZulu-Natal
Humansdorp, Eastern Cape
Humewood, Eastern Cape
Huntingdon, Limpopo
Huntley, Free State
Husfeldt, North-West
Hutchinson, Northern Cape
Hutton Heights, KwaZulu-Natal
Hwelereng, Limpopo
Hwelesangeng, Limpopo
Hwibi, Limpopo
Hyde Park, Gauteng
Hydro, Mpumalanga
Hydro Hotel, Mpumalanga
Hylton, KwaZulu-Natal