What is the latitude and longitude of Laxey - North-West?

These are the geographical coordinates of the city:
Latitude: -26.7166667
Longitude: 23.1666667

Driving distances from Laxey, North-West

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Ga-Boelang, Mpumalanga
Ga-Botha, Mpumalanga
Ga-Chokoe, Limpopo
Ga-Dibove, North-West
Ga-Dikgale, Limpopo
Ga-Disane, North-West
Ga-Dukakgomo, Limpopo
Ga-Habedi, North-West
Ga-Hlahla, Limpopo
Ga-Hlako, Limpopo
Ga-Honyane, North-West
Ga-Huhuwe, North-West
Ga-Ishe, Limpopo
Ga-Jantjie, North-West
Ga-Keetse, Limpopo
Ga-Kgale, North-West
Ga-Kgapane, Limpopo
Ga-Kgare, Limpopo
Ga-Kgole, Limpopo
Ga-Kgorosi, Limpopo
Ga-Kgubudi, Limpopo
Ga-Kgwe, North-West
Ga-Kgwete, Limpopo
Ga-Kibi, Limpopo
Ga-Kobe, Limpopo
Ga-Kobo, Limpopo
Ga-Koi-Koi, North-West
Ga-Kololo, Limpopo
Ga-Kolopo, Limpopo
Ga-Komape, Limpopo
Ga-Lamola, Limpopo
Ga-Lebelo, Limpopo
Ga-Lepadima, Limpopo
Ga-Letswalo, Limpopo
Ga-Letwaba, Limpopo
Ga-Lotlhare, North-West
Ga-Lotolo, North-West
Ga-Luka, North-West
Ga-Mabeba, Limpopo
Ga-Mabelebele, Limpopo
Ga-Mabitsela, Limpopo
Ga-Mabotha, Limpopo
Ga-Mabotsa, Limpopo
Ga-Mabuela, Limpopo
Ga-Mabusela, Limpopo
Ga-Madiba, Limpopo
Ga-Madibeng, Limpopo
Ga-Madisaleolo, Limpopo
Ga-Maditsa, Limpopo
Ga-Madubu, North-West
Ga-Madulathoka, Limpopo
Ga-Maela, Limpopo
Ga-Maeleletja, Limpopo
Ga-Mafate, Limpopo
Ga-Mafefe, Limpopo
Ga-Magatu, Limpopo
Ga-Mahlokwane, Limpopo
Ga-Mahwai, Limpopo
Ga-Maidula, Limpopo
Ga-Maila, Limpopo
Ga-Maja, Limpopo
Ga-Makanye, Limpopo
Ga-Makgatle, Limpopo
Ga-Makgatle, North-West
Ga-Makgoba, Limpopo
Ga-Makgobathe, Limpopo
Ga-Makharankana, Limpopo
Ga-Makhwae, Limpopo
Ga-Makibelo, Limpopo
Ga-Makoena, Limpopo
Ga-Makofane, Limpopo
Ga-Malaka, Limpopo
Ga-Malapile, Limpopo
Ga-Malebana, Limpopo
Ga-Malegase, Limpopo
Ga-Malekana, Mpumalanga
Ga-Malelo, Northern Cape
Ga-Malepe, Limpopo
Ga-Maloka, Limpopo
Ga-Maloka, North-West
Ga-Malokela, Limpopo
Ga-Maloma, Limpopo
Ga-Malope, Limpopo
Ga-Mamadila, Limpopo
Ga-Mamatlhola, Limpopo
Ga-Mamebe, North-West
Ga-Mametsa, Limpopo
Ga-Mamohwibidu, Limpopo
Ga-Mamoleka, Limpopo
Ga-Mamolele, Limpopo
Ga-Mampa, Limpopo
Ga-Mamphahlane, Limpopo
Ga-Mampote, Limpopo
Ga-Manapane, Limpopo
Ga-Mangou, Limpopo
Ga-Mankgodi, Limpopo
Ga-Mankoeng, Limpopo
Ga-Mankopane, Limpopo
Ga-Manthata, Limpopo
Ga-Mantlhodi, Limpopo
Ga-Maotole, Limpopo
Ga-Mapangula, Limpopo
Ga-Mapela, Limpopo
Ga-Maphoto, Limpopo
Ga-Mapogo, Mpumalanga
Ga-Maria, Mpumalanga
Ga-Maribana, Limpopo
Ga-Marishane, Limpopo
Ga-Maroga, Limpopo
Ga-Masalane, Limpopo
Ga-Masamothane, Limpopo
Ga-Masehlong, Limpopo
Ga-Masekwa, Limpopo
Ga-Maselela, Limpopo
Ga-Masenya, Limpopo
Ga-Masepa, North-West
Ga-Mashabela, Limpopo
Ga-Mashashane, Limpopo
Ga-Mashelane, Limpopo
Ga-Mashishi, Limpopo
Ga-Masiane, Limpopo
Ga-Masilela, North-West
Ga-Masisimale, Limpopo
Ga-Masukulale, Limpopo
Ga-Matabanyane, Limpopo
Ga-Mathabatha, Limpopo
Ga-Mathako, North-West
Ga-Mathapo, Limpopo
Ga-Mathekga, Limpopo
Ga-Mathiba, Limpopo
Ga-Mathipa, Limpopo
Ga-Mathule, Limpopo
Ga-Matimpule, Mpumalanga
Ga-Matlala, Limpopo
Ga-Matlapa, Limpopo
Ga-Matloponya, Limpopo
Ga-Matokomane, Limpopo
Ga-Matshele, Limpopo
Ga-Matshogo, North-West
Ga-Matsi, Limpopo
Ga-Maubane, Mpumalanga
Ga-Mmabasotho, Limpopo
Ga-Mmamogolo, Limpopo
Ga-Mmamogwasa, Limpopo
Ga-Mmatemana, Limpopo
Ga-Mmathongwana, Limpopo
Ga-Modikana, Limpopo
Ga-Modikwe, North-West
Ga-Modipana, Limpopo
Ga-Modjadji, Limpopo
Ga-Moeka, North-West
Ga-Mogano, Limpopo
Ga-Mogashoa, Limpopo
Ga-Mogoboya, Limpopo
Ga-Mogopa, North-West
Ga-Moheele, North-West
Ga-Mohlabe, Limpopo
Ga-Mokaba, Limpopo
Ga-Mokake, North-West
Ga-Mokalapa, Limpopo
Ga-Mokgatlha, North-West
Ga-Mokgehle, Limpopo
Ga-Mokgokong, Limpopo
Ga-Mokgopo, Limpopo
Ga-Mokobodi, Limpopo
Ga-Mokomela, North-West
Ga-Mokone, North-West
Ga-Mokopane, Limpopo
Ga-Mokwane, Limpopo
Ga-Mokwele, Limpopo
Ga-Molapo, Limpopo
Ga-Moleele, Limpopo
Ga-Molekana, Limpopo
Ga-Molekwa, Limpopo
Ga-Molema, Limpopo
Ga-Molepo, Limpopo
Ga-Moloi, Limpopo
Ga-Monare, Limpopo
Ga-Monene, Limpopo
Ga-Mongatane, Limpopo
Ga-Monlala, Limpopo
Ga-Monyebodi, Limpopo
Ga-Monyeki, Limpopo
Ga-Mopedi, North-West
Ga-Moretsele, Limpopo
Ga-Morona, North-West
Ga-Moropa, Limpopo
Ga-Moseki, North-West
Ga-Mosidi, Limpopo
Ga-Mosoge, Limpopo
Ga-Mothapo, Limpopo
Ga-Mothiba, Limpopo
Ga-Mothibi, North-West
Ga-Motlaila, North-West
Ga-Motlakgomo, Limpopo
Ga-Motlana, Limpopo
Ga-Motlatla, North-West
Ga-Motle, North-West
Ga-Motlhware, North-West
Ga-Motlogelwa, North-West
Ga-Motodi, Limpopo
Ga-Motsage, North-West
Ga-Motsamai, North-West
Ga-Motshana, Limpopo
Ga-Motshemi, Limpopo
Ga-Motsoko, North-West
Ga-Moyaga, Limpopo
Ga-Mphahlele, Limpopo
Ga-Musi, Limpopo
Ga-Ngwepe, Limpopo
Ga-Ngwetsana, Limpopo
Ga-Nkidikitlana, Limpopo
Ga-Nkwana, Limpopo
Ga-Nonyane, Limpopo
Ga-Ntatelang, North-West
Ga-Ntshireletsa, Limpopo
Ga-Ntsoko, Limpopo
Ga-Pamadz, Limpopo
Ga-Papo, Limpopo
Ga-Phago, Limpopo
Ga-Phagodi, Limpopo
Ga-Phahla, Limpopo
Ga-Phaka, Limpopo
Ga-Phasha, Limpopo
Ga-Phaswana, Limpopo
Ga-Phaudi, Limpopo
Ga-Phetla, Limpopo
Ga-Pitiela, North-West
Ga-Podile, Limpopo
Ga-Poopedi, Limpopo
Ga-Popo, North-West
Ga-Radingwana, Limpopo
Ga-Raditshaba, Limpopo
Ga-Rakgwatha, Limpopo
Ga-Rakwele, Limpopo
Ga-Ralebelwane, North-West
Ga-Ralenkwane, Limpopo
Ga-Ramakara, Limpopo
Ga-Ramantshane, Mpumalanga
Ga-Ramatale, North-West
Ga-Ramela, Limpopo
Ga-Rametlwane, Limpopo
Ga-Rammu, Limpopo
Ga-Rammutla, Limpopo
Ga-Ramodingwana, North-West
Ga-Ramoga, North-West
Ga-Ramokadi-kadi, Limpopo
Ga-Ramokgopa, Limpopo
Ga-Ramokoka, North-West
Ga-Ramongwana, Limpopo
Ga-Ramoshwane, Limpopo
Ga-Ramotlokana, Limpopo
Ga-Ramotsekwane, North-West
Ga-Ramphere, Limpopo
Ga-Rampuru, Limpopo
Ga-Rankhuwa, Limpopo
Ga-Rankuwa, North-West
Ga-Rantlakane, Limpopo
Ga-Rapadi, Limpopo
Ga-Raphiri, North-West
Ga-Raphokola, Limpopo
Ga-Rasai, North-West
Ga-Rawesi, Limpopo
Ga-Riba, Limpopo
Ga-Rummutla, Limpopo
Ga-Sako, Limpopo
Ga-Sebolao, North-West
Ga-Sebotse, Limpopo
Ga-Sefoka, Limpopo
Ga-Sehubane, North-West
Ga-Sehunelo, North-West
Ga-Sekhukhune, Limpopo
Ga-Sekororo, Limpopo
Ga-Sekubu, Mpumalanga
Ga-Selala, Limpopo
Ga-Seleka, Limpopo
Ga-Semenya, Limpopo
Ga-Seopela, Limpopo
Ga-Sese, North-West
Ga-Setshaba, Limpopo
Ga-Shopeyana, Limpopo
Ga-Skawu, North-West
Ga-Suping, North-West
Ga-Tatisi, North-West
Ga-Taueatswala, Limpopo
Ga-Tefu, Limpopo
Ga-Thaba, Limpopo
Ga-Thameng, North-West
Ga-Tibu, Limpopo
Ga-Tipe, North-West
Ga-Tisana, Limpopo
Ga-Titi, North-West
Ga-Tshaba, Limpopo
Ga-Tshabalala, Limpopo
Ga-Tshipana, Limpopo
Ga-Tshwene, Mpumalanga
Ga-Tshwene, Limpopo
Ga-Wannankaya, Limpopo
Gaandrik, Limpopo
Gaataan, Limpopo
Gabazi, Eastern Cape
Gabeni, Eastern Cape
Gabheni, Eastern Cape
Gadikame, North-West
Gaduka, Eastern Cape
Gailynn, KwaZulu-Natal
Gala, KwaZulu-Natal
Gala, Eastern Cape
Galakwyns Stroom, Limpopo
Galane, Eastern Cape
Galatyeni, Eastern Cape
Galilea, Free State
Galili, Eastern Cape
Galisili, North-West
Gamagaabue, North-West
Gamalilo, Northern Cape
Game Warden, KwaZulu-Natal
Game Wood, KwaZulu-Natal
Gamolilo, Northern Cape
Gamollo, North-West
Gamtoos Mouth, Eastern Cape
Gamtoosriviermond, Eastern Cape
Ganap, North-West
Ganda, Eastern Cape
Gangeni, Eastern Cape
Ganghae, North-West
Gankwane, North-West
Gannahoek, North-West
Gannaholte, Northern Cape
Gannalaagte, North-West
Gannapoortjie, Northern Cape
Gans Bay, Western Cape
Gansa, KwaZulu-Natal
Gansbaai, Western Cape
Ganspoort, Limpopo
Ganyesa, North-West
Gaqangezandla, KwaZulu-Natal
Gara-Hupula, Limpopo
Garantlapane, North-West
Garatau, North-West
Garden Castle, KwaZulu-Natal
Garden Village, Western Cape
Gardens, Western Cape
Gariele, North-West
Gariep, Northern Cape
Garies, Northern Cape
Garner's Drift, Eastern Cape
Garrick, Eastern Cape
Garryowen, Eastern Cape
Garsfontein, Gauteng
Garside, Limpopo
Gass Hill, Eastern Cape
Gatacre, Eastern Cape
Gatberg, Eastern Cape
Gatehouse, Mpumalanga
Gately, Eastern Cape
Gatlalakgomo, North-West
Gatong, North-West
Gatyana, Eastern Cape
Gaulu, Limpopo
Gawesa, Eastern Cape
Gaybrook, KwaZulu-Natal
Gaylee, Western Cape
Gazini, Eastern Cape
Gciala, Eastern Cape
Gcina, Eastern Cape
Gcuwa, Eastern Cape
Gcwaleni, Eastern Cape
Gedenk, Free State
Geduld, Gauteng
Geduld, Northern Cape
Geduld, Western Cape
Geduldfontein , Eastern Cape
Geelbeksdam , Northern Cape
Geelbeksdam , Northern Cape
Geelblom, North-West
Geelboom, North-West
Geelbospan, Northern Cape
Geelhout, Eastern Cape
Geelwal, Western Cape
Geldenhuis, Gauteng
Geluk, Free State
Geluk, Eastern Cape
Geluksburg, KwaZulu-Natal
Geluksdam, Free State
Geluksfontein, Free State
Gelukshof, Eastern Cape
Gelukshoop, Western Cape
Geluksoord, Eastern Cape
Gelukspan, North-West
Gelukstadt, KwaZulu-Natal
Geluksvlei, Eastern Cape
Gelukwaarts, Free State
Gelukwaarts, Eastern Cape
Gelvandale, Eastern Cape
Gelykfontein, Eastern Cape
Gemfana, Eastern Cape
Gemfane, Eastern Cape
Gempana, Eastern Cape
Gemsbokbult, Northern Cape
Gemsbokfontein, Limpopo
Gemsbokhoek, Mpumalanga
Gemsbokvlakte, North-West
Gemvale, Eastern Cape
Genadedal, Northern Cape
Genadendal, Western Cape
Genasfontein, Western Cape
Generaal de Wet, Free State
Genesa, North-West
Geneva, Eastern Cape
Genezzano, KwaZulu-Natal
Genggeleka, Eastern Cape
Gengqe, Eastern Cape
Genozano, KwaZulu-Natal
Gentsepan, Mpumalanga
Genyesa, North-West
George, Western Cape
Georgenholtz, Limpopo
Georgida, Western Cape
Gerdau, North-West
Gerhardtsput, Northern Cape
Gerluk, Eastern Cape
Germiston, Gauteng
Gert Zyn Pan, Mpumalanga
Gertplaas, Eastern Cape
Gertrudsburg, Limpopo
Gertsepan, Mpumalanga
Geselskap, Northern Cape
Gesini, Eastern Cape
Geysdorp, North-West
Gezina, Gauteng
Gezinsila, KwaZulu-Natal
Gibralter, Eastern Cape
Gidjana, Limpopo
Gillitts, KwaZulu-Natal
Gillitts-Emberton, KwaZulu-Natal
Gingindhlova, KwaZulu-Natal
Gingindhlovu, KwaZulu-Natal
Gingindlovu, KwaZulu-Natal
Ginginhlovu, KwaZulu-Natal
Gingqi, Eastern Cape
Giyane, Limpopo
Giyani, Limpopo
Gladdegrond, Free State
Gladdeklipkop, Limpopo
Gladstone, Free State
Gladstone, Eastern Cape
Gladswood, Eastern Cape
Gladysvale, Gauteng
Glaisnock Verona, Free State
Glandale, Eastern Cape
Glanfield, KwaZulu-Natal
Glassridge, Eastern Cape
Glaudina, North-West
Gledhow, KwaZulu-Natal
Gledhow Mill, KwaZulu-Natal
Gleenmoor, Eastern Cape
Glen Adelaide, Eastern Cape
Glen Alfa, Eastern Cape
Glen Allen, Northern Cape
Glen Alphen, Eastern Cape
Glen Ambrose, Eastern Cape
Glen Austin, Gauteng
Glen Avice, Eastern Cape
Glen Avon, KwaZulu-Natal
Glen Avon, Free State
Glen Bain, KwaZulu-Natal
Glen Cave, Eastern Cape
Glen Cliff, Eastern Cape
Glen Dirk, Western Cape
Glen Donald, Gauteng
Glen Echo, KwaZulu-Natal
Glen Eden, Eastern Cape
Glen Ewan, Eastern Cape
Glen Gray, Eastern Cape
Glen Gray Hospital, Eastern Cape
Glen Gregor, Eastern Cape
Glen Grey, Eastern Cape
Glen Grey Hospital, Eastern Cape
Glen Holey, Eastern Cape
Glen Holey Store, Eastern Cape
Glen Holy, Eastern Cape
Glen Isla, Free State
Glen Kobus, Eastern Cape
Glen Lynden, Eastern Cape
Glen Mokopo, Free State
Glen Muir, Eastern Cape
Glen Rae, Eastern Cape
Glen Red, North-West
Glen Reenen, Free State
Glencairn, Western Cape
Glencairn Heights, Western Cape
Glencoe, KwaZulu-Natal
Glenconnor, Eastern Cape
Glendale, KwaZulu-Natal
Glendean, KwaZulu-Natal
Glendinningvale, Eastern Cape
Gleneric, Eastern Cape
Glenfield, KwaZulu-Natal
Glengariff, Eastern Cape
Glengarry, Eastern Cape
Glengary, Free State
Glengazi, Eastern Cape
Glenharvie, Gauteng
Glenhee, Free State
Glenhurd, Eastern Cape
Gleniffer, Free State
Glenlynden, Eastern Cape
Glenmarsh, Mpumalanga
Glenmore Beach, KwaZulu-Natal
Glenretha, Eastern Cape
Glenridge, Eastern Cape
Glenrock, Eastern Cape
Glenshiel, Limpopo
Glenside, KwaZulu-Natal
Glentana, Western Cape
Glenthorn, Eastern Cape
Glentig, Limpopo
Glenview, Eastern Cape
Glenvista, Gauteng
Glenwood, KwaZulu-Natal
Glimlag, North-West
Gloria, Eastern Cape
Glosam, Northern Cape
Gluckauff, Limpopo
Gl├╝ckstadt, KwaZulu-Natal
Gnogqora, Eastern Cape
Go-Ralebelwane, North-West
Gobandhlovu, KwaZulu-Natal
Gobeni, KwaZulu-Natal
Goboti, Eastern Cape
Godeni, KwaZulu-Natal
Godini, Eastern Cape
Godlogodlwane, KwaZulu-Natal
Godzi, Eastern Cape
Goed-en-Mooi, Free State
Goedbegin, North-West
Goedchoop, Free State
Goede Hoop , Free State
Goede Hoop , Free State
Goede Hoop , Free State
Goede Hoop, Free State
Goede Hoop, Western Cape
Goede Trouw, Free State
Goededacht, Mpumalanga
Goedehoop , Free State
Goedehoop , Free State
Goedehoop, Eastern Cape
Goedehoop, Mpumalanga
Goedemoed, Free State
Goedemoed, Eastern Cape
Goedewil, Mpumalanga
Goedewill, Mpumalanga
Goedgedacht, Free State
Goedgedacht, Limpopo
Goedgedag, Eastern Cape
Goedgegund, Free State
Goedgeloof, Western Cape
Goedgemoed, Western Cape
Goedgemond, Western Cape
Goedgevond, North-West
Goedgevonden, North-West
Goedhoop, Mpumalanga
Goedmoed, Free State
Goedvenwag, Eastern Cape
Goedverwacht, Eastern Cape
Goedverwacht, Western Cape
Goedverwag, Western Cape
Goewerneurskloof, Free State
Gogwane, Eastern Cape
Goje, KwaZulu-Natal
Goji, Eastern Cape
Gola Hashe's Location, Eastern Cape
Golden Valley, Free State
Golden Valley, Eastern Cape
Golders Green, Limpopo
Golela, KwaZulu-Natal
Golf View, Gauteng
Gologodo, KwaZulu-Natal
Golokodo, KwaZulu-Natal
Golomane, Eastern Cape
Golomi, Eastern Cape
Golweni, KwaZulu-Natal
Gomane, KwaZulu-Natal
Gongo, Eastern Cape
Gonningarth, KwaZulu-Natal
Gonubie, Eastern Cape
Gonubie Manor, Eastern Cape
Gonubie Mouth, Eastern Cape
Gonubie Park, Eastern Cape
Good Hope, KwaZulu-Natal
Good Hope, Eastern Cape
Good Hope, Western Cape
Good Luck, Mpumalanga
Good-Hope, Limpopo
Goode Hoop , Free State
Goode Hoop , Eastern Cape
Goodhope, Eastern Cape
Goodi Location, Eastern Cape
Goodluck, Northern Cape
Goodwood, North-West
Goodwood, Western Cape
Goorathebe, North-West
Gopane, North-West
Gopani, North-West
Gopanie, North-West
Gopeng, Limpopo
Goqwana, Eastern Cape
Goratau, North-West
Gordon, Limpopo
Gordon's Bay, Western Cape
Gordon's Camp, Western Cape
Gordonia, Northern Cape
Gordonia Estates, Limpopo
Gordonsbaai, Western Cape
Goru, Limpopo
Gosara, Eastern Cape
Goso, Eastern Cape
Gosport, North-West
Gosshill, Eastern Cape
Gottenburg, Limpopo
Gotyibe, Eastern Cape
Gotyibene, Eastern Cape
Gotyibeni, Eastern Cape
Gouda, Western Cape
Goudini, Western Cape
Goudini Road, Western Cape
Goudinie, Western Cape
Goudiniweg, Western Cape
Gougednik, Eastern Cape
Goukama, Western Cape
Goukamma, Western Cape
Gouldville, Limpopo
Gouna, Western Cape
Government Village, Gauteng
Gowe, Limpopo
Goxe, KwaZulu-Natal
Goxe, Eastern Cape
Gqabati, Eastern Cape
Gqaga, Eastern Cape
Gqaka, Eastern Cape
Gqaqala, Eastern Cape
Gqiba, Eastern Cape
Gqobonco, Eastern Cape
Gqogqora, Eastern Cape
Gqola, Eastern Cape
Gqoloma, Eastern Cape
Gqora, Eastern Cape
Gqubeni, Eastern Cape
Gqubonco, Eastern Cape
Gqukangqa, Eastern Cape
Gqukungqa, Eastern Cape
Gqukunqa, Eastern Cape
Gqunce, Eastern Cape
Gqunge, Eastern Cape
Gqunge Trading Store, Eastern Cape
Gqunqe, Eastern Cape
Gqutyini, Eastern Cape
Gqwesa, Eastern Cape
Gqweta, Mpumalanga
Graaf Reinet, Eastern Cape
Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape
Graafwater, Western Cape
Grabouw, Western Cape
Grahamstad, Eastern Cape
Grahamstown, Eastern Cape
Graley, Gauteng
Grantham Park, KwaZulu-Natal
Grantion, North-West
Grantleigh, KwaZulu-Natal
Grantleigh, North-West
Grasbult, Northern Cape
Graskop, Mpumalanga
Grasmere, Gauteng
Graspan, Northern Cape
Grass Valley, Limpopo
Grassdale, Eastern Cape
Grasslands, Free State
Grasslands, Eastern Cape
Grassmoor, Northern Cape
Grassridge, Eastern Cape
Grassvallei, Limpopo
Grassville, Free State
Grassy Park, Western Cape
Gravelotte, Limpopo
Grayfield, North-West
Great Brak River, Western Cape
Green Island, Northern Cape
Green Point, Western Cape
Green Valley, Mpumalanga
Greenfields, Eastern Cape
Greenfontein, Eastern Cape
Greenhaven, Western Cape
Greenhill, KwaZulu-Natal
Greenlands, Eastern Cape
Greenview, Gauteng
Greenwich, North-West
Greenwood Park, KwaZulu-Natal
Gregory, Limpopo
Grey Hill, Northern Cape
Greylingstad, Mpumalanga
Greys, Free State
Greystone, Eastern Cape
Greystorie, KwaZulu-Natal
Greyton, Western Cape
Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal
Greyville, KwaZulu-Natal
Griebdale, Eastern Cape
Griekwastad, Northern Cape
Griquatown, Northern Cape
Groblerbrug, Limpopo
Groblersbrug, Limpopo
Groblersdal, Mpumalanga
Groblershoop, Northern Cape
Groen Draai, Free State
Groendal, Northern Cape
Groendal, Western Cape
Groenedal, Eastern Cape
Groenfontein, Free State
Groenfontein, Eastern Cape
Groenfontein, Western Cape
Groenkloof, KwaZulu-Natal
Groenkloof, Eastern Cape
Groenpoort, Free State
Groenpunt, Gauteng
Groenpunt, Western Cape
Groenvlakte, Free State
Groenvlei , Eastern Cape
Groenvlei , Eastern Cape
Groenvlei, KwaZulu-Natal
Groenvlei, Eastern Cape
Groenvlei, Limpopo
Groesbeek, Limpopo
Groot Drakenstein, Mpumalanga
Groot Highlands, Free State
Groot Matjiesfontein, Western Cape
Groot Mier, Northern Cape
Groot Silwermyn, Western Cape
Groot Strydpoort , Eastern Cape
Groot Umgazi, Eastern Cape
Groot Witberg, Northern Cape
Groot Zwaarmoed, Western Cape
Groot-Brakrivier, Western Cape
Groot-Elandsvlei, Gauteng
Groot-Jongensfontein, Western Cape
Groot-Marico, North-West
Groot-Samenkomst, Eastern Cape
Groot-Suurfontein, Free State
Groot-Umngazi, Eastern Cape
Grootdam, Free State
Grootdam, Eastern Cape
Grootderm, Northern Cape
Grootdrink, Northern Cape
Grootfontein, Free State
Grootfontein, Western Cape
Grootgeluk, Free State
Grootgewaagd, Mpumalanga
Groothoek, Free State
Groothoek, Limpopo
Grootjongensfonteinstrand, Western Cape
Grootkloof, KwaZulu-Natal
Grootpan, Mpumalanga
Grootpan, Limpopo
Grootrivier, Western Cape
Grootrivierdrif, Eastern Cape
Grootschuur, Eastern Cape
Grootspruit, Mpumalanga
Grootverlang, Free State
Grootvlei , Eastern Cape
Grootvlei, Free State
Grootvlei, Mpumalanga
Grootwater, Free State
Grosvenor, KwaZulu-Natal
Groutville, KwaZulu-Natal
Groxozayo, Eastern Cape
Gruisklip, Eastern Cape
Gruisplaats, Free State
Grysdal, Free State
Guba, Eastern Cape
Gubahoek, Eastern Cape
Gubeni, Eastern Cape
Gubenxa, Eastern Cape
Gubenxa Kroon, Eastern Cape
Gubhuzi, Eastern Cape
Gubuzi, Eastern Cape
Gudeka, Eastern Cape
Guduse, Eastern Cape
Guguletu, Western Cape
Gugwini, Eastern Cape
Guinesses, Free State
Gulandoda, Eastern Cape
Guleka, KwaZulu-Natal
Guliga, KwaZulu-Natal
Gulu, Eastern Cape
Gumdale, Eastern Cape
Gume, Eastern Cape
Gumzana, Eastern Cape
Gungululu, Eastern Cape
Gunjana, KwaZulu-Natal
Gura, Eastern Cape
Guse, Eastern Cape
Gusenzamo, KwaZulu-Natal
Guthrie, Mpumalanga
Gutshwa, Mpumalanga
Gutshwe, Mpumalanga
Guwini, Eastern Cape
Guxuxu, Eastern Cape
Gwadana, Eastern Cape
Gwadu, Eastern Cape
Gwalali, Limpopo
Gwalana, Eastern Cape
Gwarriehoek, Limpopo
Gwentham, Free State
Gweta, Mpumalanga
Gwili Gwili, Eastern Cape
Gxaha, Eastern Cape
Gxaku, Eastern Cape
Gxara, Eastern Cape
Gxara Trading Station, Eastern Cape
Gxokoza, Eastern Cape
Gxulu, Eastern Cape
Gxwaleni, Eastern Cape