What is the latitude and longitude of Laxey - North-West?

These are the geographical coordinates of the city:
Latitude: -26.7166667
Longitude: 23.1666667

Driving distances from Laxey, North-West

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B.K. Mond , Eastern Cape
Baakfontein, Free State
Baansrivier, Eastern Cape
Baardscheerderbosch, Western Cape
Baardscheerdersbosch, Western Cape
Baardskeerderbos, Western Cape
Baardskeerdersbos, Western Cape
Babanago, KwaZulu-Natal
Babanango, KwaZulu-Natal
Babel, Free State
Babelegi, North-West
Baca, Eastern Cape
Bacela, Eastern Cape
Bach Rust, Free State
Badenhorstdam, Northern Cape
Badfontein, Mpumalanga
Badi, Eastern Cape
Badplaas, Mpumalanga
Badplaats, Mpumalanga
Badsfontein , Free State
Badsfontein , Free State
Badsfontein, Mpumalanga
Bafaladi, Limpopo
Bahurutshe, North-West
Bailey, Eastern Cape
Bailey Brith, North-West
Bailey's Cottage, Western Cape
Baillie Park, North-West
Bailybrith, North-West
Bain's Kloof, Western Cape
Bain's Vlei, Free State
Bakaneni, Eastern Cape
Bakbank, Free State
Bakenberg, Limpopo
Bakeni, Eastern Cape
Bakenkop, Free State
Bakenkop, Northern Cape
Bakenkop Store, Northern Cape
Bakenshoek, Eastern Cape
Bakenskop, Eastern Cape
Bakensvlei, Free State
Bakerville, North-West
Bakklysdrift, Western Cape
Bakkraal, Eastern Cape
Bakoni, Limpopo
Bakoven, Western Cape
Bakubha, Eastern Cape
Bala, North-West
Balaclava, Free State
Balasi, Eastern Cape
Balatsi, Eastern Cape
Balazi, Eastern Cape
Balburney, Northern Cape
Balcraig, Eastern Cape
Balecraig, Eastern Cape
Balfour, Eastern Cape
Balfour, Mpumalanga
Balfour North, Mpumalanga
Balfour-Noord, Mpumalanga
Balinguile, Eastern Cape
Balkfontein, Free State
Ballengeich, KwaZulu-Natal
Ballitoville, KwaZulu-Natal
Balmoral, Eastern Cape
Balmoral, Gauteng
Balmoral, Mpumalanga
Balmoral, Western Cape
Baltimore, Limpopo
Bambela, KwaZulu-Natal
Bambi, Mpumalanga
Bamboeshoek, Eastern Cape
Bamokgoko, Mpumalanga
Bamokgoko, Free State
Banbanango, KwaZulu-Natal
Bandeiier Kop, Limpopo
Bandelierkop, Limpopo
Bandlabathwa, KwaZulu-Natal
Bandlana, Eastern Cape
Bandolierkop, Limpopo
Bandon, Eastern Cape
Bangalong, Limpopo
Banganomo, KwaZulu-Natal
Banghoek, Western Cape
Banginyama, KwaZulu-Natal
Bangonomo, KwaZulu-Natal
Bangweni, Eastern Cape
Banhoek, Western Cape
Bankdrif, North-West
Bankfontein, Free State
Bankfontein, Eastern Cape
Bankies, Eastern Cape
Bankkraal, Free State
Bannocks, Free State
Bantini, Eastern Cape
Bantjesloo, Gauteng
Bantry Bay, Western Cape
Bantu Township, North-West
Banzi, Eastern Cape
Bapong, North-West
Baquqini, Eastern Cape
Baragwanath, Gauteng
Baragwanath Hospital, Gauteng
Barandas, Western Cape
Baraseba, North-West
Baratiwa, North-West
Barberton, Mpumalanga
Barclavar, Free State
Barclay Vale, Mpumalanga
Barclays Vale, Mpumalanga
Bareki, North-West
Barensdam, Eastern Cape
Barkley East, Eastern Cape
Barkly Bridge, Eastern Cape
Barkly East, Eastern Cape
Barkly-Oos, Eastern Cape
Barnaby, North-West
Barnet, North-West
Barracuda, Eastern Cape
Barrage, Gauteng
Barretts, Mpumalanga
Barrington, Western Cape
Barry Estate, Free State
Barrydale, Western Cape
Barvale, Mpumalanga
Bashasha, Limpopo
Bashee, Eastern Cape
Bashee Bridge, Eastern Cape
Basheebrug, Eastern Cape
Bassonsdrif, KwaZulu-Natal
Bassonsdrift, KwaZulu-Natal
Basterspad, Limpopo
Bastersput , Northern Cape
Bastersput , Northern Cape
Batho, Free State
Bathobatho, North-West
Bathurst, Eastern Cape
Batshabela, Free State
Battlemond, North-West
Battlemound, North-West
Batweni, Eastern Cape
Baviaanshoek, Western Cape
Baviaanskloof Farming Community, Eastern Cape
Baviaanskrantz, KwaZulu-Natal
Baviaanspoort, Gauteng
Bawa, Eastern Cape
Bay View, Eastern Cape
Bayala, KwaZulu-Natal
Bayete, KwaZulu-Natal
Bayhead, KwaZulu-Natal
Bayisonto, Limpopo
Baynesfield, KwaZulu-Natal
Baynesfield Estate, KwaZulu-Natal
Bayswater, Free State
Bayview, Eastern Cape
Bayview, Western Cape
Baziya, Eastern Cape
Beacon Bay, Eastern Cape
Beacon Hill, Eastern Cape
Beacon Island Estate, Western Cape
Beaconsfield, Limpopo
Beamont, Eastern Cape
Beans River, Eastern Cape
Beaufort West, Western Cape
Beaufort-Wes, Western Cape
Beauly, Eastern Cape
Beauty, Limpopo
Bebeza, Eastern Cape
Beckedan, Gauteng
Beckenham, KwaZulu-Natal
Bedat, KwaZulu-Natal
Bedat Store, KwaZulu-Natal
Bede, Eastern Cape
Bedelia, Free State
Bedelia West, Free State
Bedford, Eastern Cape
Bedfordview, Gauteng
Bedwang, North-West
Bedworth Park, Gauteng
Beecham Wood, Eastern Cape
Beecham Wood Kampplek, Eastern Cape
Beecham Woods, Eastern Cape
Beersheba, KwaZulu-Natal
Bees Vallev, Eastern Cape
Beesdam, Northern Cape
Beestekraal, North-West
Begha Mouth, Eastern Cape
Beginplaas, Limpopo
Beginsel, Free State
Beginsil, Northern Cape
Behoudeniskloof, Limpopo
Bekileni, Eastern Cape
Bekkersdal, Gauteng
Bekkersrust, Mpumalanga
Bele, Eastern Cape
Beledale, Eastern Cape
Belekana, Eastern Cape
Belekence, Eastern Cape
Belfast, Mpumalanga
Belfast, Limpopo
Belfort, Eastern Cape
België, Free State
Belhambra, KwaZulu-Natal
Belhar, Western Cape
Bell, Eastern Cape
Bella Vista, Western Cape
Bellair, KwaZulu-Natal
Bellavista, Eastern Cape
Bellcrest, Eastern Cape
Belle Ombre, Western Cape
Bellevue, KwaZulu-Natal
Bellevue, Eastern Cape
Bellevue Location, Eastern Cape
Belliview, KwaZulu-Natal
Bellrock, Eastern Cape
Bellville, Western Cape
Bellville South, Western Cape
Bellvue, Free State
Belmont , Free State
Belmont , Free State
Belmont, Free State
Belthorn, Western Cape
Belvior, Eastern Cape
Ben Avis, Eastern Cape
Benard, Eastern Cape
Bend, Northern Cape
Bend, Limpopo
Bend Store, Limpopo
Bende, Eastern Cape
Bendell, North-West
Benella, Mpumalanga
Bengu, Eastern Cape
Bennezar, KwaZulu-Natal
Benoni, Gauteng
Bensonvale, Eastern Cape
Berbice, Mpumalanga
Berea, KwaZulu-Natal
Berea, Eastern Cape
Berea, Western Cape
Bereaville, Western Cape
Bergfontein, Eastern Cape
Bergheim, Eastern Cape
Bergnek, Limpopo
Bergplaas, Eastern Cape
Bergplaas, Western Cape
Bergplaats, Free State
Bergplaats, Western Cape
Bergrivier, Western Cape
Bergsig, Northern Cape
Bergsig, Western Cape
Bergsputte, Northern Cape
Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal
Bergvliet, Western Cape
Bergwater, Western Cape
Berkleys, KwaZulu-Natal
Berlin, Free State
Berlin, Eastern Cape
Berlyn, Free State
Bermuda, Free State
Bernardshoek, Eastern Cape
Bernardus, Free State
Bernese, Eastern Cape
Berseba, Eastern Cape
Bertha Shaft Village, Free State
Bertievale, Eastern Cape
Berwick, North-West
Besonderheid, Limpopo
Bessiedam, Northern Cape
Beste Geluk, Free State
Besters, KwaZulu-Natal
Bestersdal, Eastern Cape
Bestersdam, Free State
Bethal, Mpumalanga
Bethal East, Mpumalanga
Bethalrand, Mpumalanga
Bethania, Eastern Cape
Bethanie, Free State
Bethanie, North-West
Bethany, Free State
Bethel , Free State
Bethel, KwaZulu-Natal
Bethel, Eastern Cape
Bethel, North-West
Bethelsdorp, Eastern Cape
Bethesda, Free State
Bethlehem, Free State
Bethulie, Free State
Bethulie, Northern Cape
Betjeskraal, Free State
Betshawawini, Eastern Cape
Betshwana, Eastern Cape
Betty's Bay, Western Cape
Bettysbaai, Western Cape
Bewley, North-West
Beyele, Eastern Cape
Bhakaleni, Eastern Cape
Bhala, Eastern Cape
Bhantini, Eastern Cape
Bhayi, Eastern Cape
Bhetani, Eastern Cape
Bhibha, Eastern Cape
Bhicini, KwaZulu-Natal
Bhokhwe, Eastern Cape
Bhokweni, KwaZulu-Natal
Bhokweni, Eastern Cape
Bholani, Eastern Cape
Bhoneni, Eastern Cape
Bhongolethu, Eastern Cape
Bhongwem, Gauteng
Bhongweni, Eastern Cape
Bhongweni Lokasie, Gauteng
Bhoqo, Eastern Cape
Bhubesi, Eastern Cape
Bhukada, Eastern Cape
Bhukubhukwini, KwaZulu-Natal
Bhunga, Eastern Cape
Bhungeni, Eastern Cape
Bhungweni, Eastern Cape
Bibby's Hoek, Western Cape
Bidiza, Eastern Cape
Biejesfontein, Western Cape
Bierberg, Western Cape
Bierkraal, North-West
Biesiedal, Free State
Biesiefontein, Free State
Biesiesfontein, Western Cape
Biesiesvle, North-West
Biesiesvlei, Free State
Biesiesvlei, North-West
Biesjesfontein, Western Cape
Biesjesvlei, North-West
Big Umgazi, Eastern Cape
Big Umngazi, Eastern Cape
Bikana, Eastern Cape
Bikanadale, Eastern Cape
Bikani, Eastern Cape
Bikizana, Eastern Cape
Bilaty, Eastern Cape
Bilatyi, Eastern Cape
Biltonfontein, Limpopo
Bisho, Eastern Cape
Bishop Colenso, KwaZulu-Natal
Bishop Lavis, Western Cape
Bishopscourt, Western Cape
Bishopstowe, KwaZulu-Natal
Bisi, Eastern Cape
Biskop, Free State
Bitterfontein, Western Cape
Bittern, Eastern Cape
Bitterne, Eastern Cape
Bitterplat , Eastern Cape
Bitterwater, Western Cape
Bityi, Eastern Cape
Biyela, KwaZulu-Natal
Bizana, Eastern Cape
Blaauboskom, Northern Cape
Blaauwater, Eastern Cape
Blaauwberg, Limpopo
Blaauwbosch, KwaZulu-Natal
Blaauwbosch Laagte, KwaZulu-Natal
Blaauwdrift, Free State
Blaauwhak, Limpopo
Blaauwkrantz, KwaZulu-Natal
Blaauwkrantz, Northern Cape
Blaauwskop , Eastern Cape
Blaauwskop , Eastern Cape
Black Fountain, Eastern Cape
Black Hill, Eastern Cape
Black Rock, Eastern Cape
Black Streams, Eastern Cape
Blackburn, KwaZulu-Natal
Blackfontein, Eastern Cape
Blackheath, Gauteng
Blackmoor, KwaZulu-Natal
Blackwoods, Eastern Cape
Bladgrond, Northern Cape
Bladgrond-Noord, Northern Cape
Blanco, Free State
Blanco, Western Cape
Bland's Drift, Western Cape
Blarney, KwaZulu-Natal
Blaufontein, Eastern Cape
Blauwvlei, Western Cape
Blekana, Eastern Cape
Blenheim, Eastern Cape
Blesbok, Mpumalanga
Blesbokfontein , Free State
Blesbokhoek, Northern Cape
Blesboklaagte, Mpumalanga
Blesmerrie, Western Cape
Blignautrus, Gauteng
Blikana, Eastern Cape
Blinkklip, Northern Cape
Blinkpan, Mpumalanga
Bloedfontein, Mpumalanga
Bloedrivier, Limpopo
Bloegomhof, Eastern Cape
Bloekomhof, Eastern Cape
Bloekomhoogte, Northern Cape
Bloemendal, KwaZulu-Natal
Bloemendal, Eastern Cape
Bloemendat, Free State
Bloemfontein, Free State
Bloemhoek, Free State
Bloemhof, Eastern Cape
Bloemhof, Limpopo
Bloemhof, North-West
Bloemof, Eastern Cape
Bloemspruit, Free State
Blomtuin, Eastern Cape
Blomtuin, Western Cape
Bloomplaas, Free State
Bloubank, Free State
Blouberg, Limpopo
Bloubergsvlei, Western Cape
Blouboschpoortjie, Eastern Cape
Blouboskop, Free State
Bloubospan , Free State
Bloubospan, Northern Cape
Bloubospooft, Eastern Cape
Bloudrif, Free State
Blouhak, Limpopo
Bloukop, Free State
Bloupoort , Northern Cape
Bloupunt, Western Cape
Blouputs, Northern Cape
Blouvlei, Northern Cape
Blue Bend, Eastern Cape
Blue Boulders, Eastern Cape
Blue Gum Vale, Eastern Cape
Blue Hills, Eastern Cape
Blue Lagoon, Eastern Cape
Bluegum Grove, Eastern Cape
Bluegums, Eastern Cape
Bluegums Grove, Eastern Cape
Bluegumspoon, Free State
Bluerock, Eastern Cape
Bluewater Bay, Eastern Cape
Bluff Point, Free State
Blyde, Mpumalanga
Blydebos, Mpumalanga
Blydskap, Free State
Blythedale Beach, KwaZulu-Natal
Blyvooruitsig, Gauteng
Blyvooruitzicht, Gauteng
Bo, KwaZulu-Natal
Bo-Koega, Western Cape
Bo-Kouga, Western Cape
Bob, Mpumalanga
Bobbejaanstert, Limpopo
Bobirwa, Limpopo
Bochebela, Free State
Bochem, Limpopo
Bochum, Limpopo
Bodenstein, North-West
Bodi, Limpopo
Bodiam, Eastern Cape
Bodibe, North-West
Bodini, Eastern Cape
Bodweni, Eastern Cape
Boegoeberg, Northern Cape
Boegoeberg Besproeiings Nedersetting, Northern Cape
Boegoeberg Dam, Northern Cape
Boekenhoutfontein, Gauteng
Boekenhoutfontein, North-West
Boekenhouthoek, Mpumalanga
Boerboomskraal, Mpumalanga
Boereplaas, Free State
Boesaksfontain, Free State
Boesmanskop, Free State
Boesmanspad, Western Cape
Boesmansrivermond, Eastern Cape
Boesmansriviermond, Eastern Cape
Boetrand, North-West
Boetsap, North-West
Bogeni, Eastern Cape
Bogo, Eastern Cape
Boikhutso, North-West
Boipatong, Gauteng
Boitshoko, Northern Cape
Boitumelong, North-West
Bojalapotsane, North-West
Bojating, North-West
Bojelakgomo, Northern Cape
Bojeni, Eastern Cape
Bojwana, Mpumalanga
Bok se Puts, Northern Cape
Bokkraal, North-West
Bokkraal Lead Mine, North-West
Boknes, Eastern Cape
Bokpoort, Eastern Cape
Bokpoortlaagte, Limpopo
Boksburg, Gauteng
Boksputs, Northern Cape
Bokwana, Eastern Cape
Bolahlakgomo, Limpopo
Bolandsrus, Free State
Bolelatlou, North-West
Bollantlokwe, North-West
Bolo, Eastern Cape
Bolopa, Limpopo
Bolotwa, Eastern Cape
Bomakierie, Western Cape
Bomela, Eastern Cape
Bomvini, Eastern Cape
Bon Accord, Gauteng
Bon-Accord, KwaZulu-Natal
Bonabona, North-West
Bonaparte, Eastern Cape
Bonde, Eastern Cape
Bonds Drift, KwaZulu-Natal
Bonfoi, Northern Cape
Bongani, Mpumalanga
Bongene, Limpopo
Bongolethu, Eastern Cape
Bongoletu, Western Cape
Bongonoma, KwaZulu-Natal
Bongweni, Eastern Cape
Bonhill, Eastern Cape
Boniswa, Eastern Cape
Bonjane, Limpopo
Bonjaneni, KwaZulu-Natal
Bonmail, North-West
Bonnievale, Free State
Bonnievale, Western Cape
Bonny Glen, Eastern Cape
Bonny Glenn, Eastern Cape
Bonnyvale, Eastern Cape
Bonolo, Free State
Bonteheuwel, Western Cape
Bontheuwel, Western Cape
Bontrand, Eastern Cape
Bontrug, Eastern Cape
Bonyani, Limpopo
Bonza Bay, Eastern Cape
Bonzabaai, Eastern Cape
Boomerang, Free State
Boomplaas, Free State
Boomplaas, Mpumalanga
Boomrivier, Northern Cape
Boons, North-West
Boonstepos, Eastern Cape
Booplaats, Eastern Cape
Boorwater, Northern Cape
Booysens, Gauteng
Bophelong, Gauteng
Boplaas, Eastern Cape
Boplaas, Western Cape
Boqeni, Eastern Cape
Borakalalo, North-West
Borakanelo, Free State
Boratapelo, Limpopo
Borcherds, Western Cape
Borderland, KwaZulu-Natal
Borderland Estate, KwaZulu-Natal
Borderville, Eastern Cape
Borekanelo, Free State
Boriteng, North-West
Borothamadi, North-West
Borwalathoto, Limpopo
Bosbokrand, Mpumalanga
Bosbult , Northern Cape
Boschfontein, KwaZulu-Natal
Boschfontein, Mpumalanga
Boschfroek, North-West
Boschjeskop, Mpumalanga
Boschkloof, Mpumalanga
Boschplaats, Limpopo
Boschpoort, North-West
Boschrand, Mpumalanga
Bosdam, North-West
Bosfontein, Eastern Cape
Bosfontein, Mpumalanga
Bosfontein, North-West
Boshalte, Mpumalanga
Boshoek, KwaZulu-Natal
Boshof, Free State
Boskop, Free State
Boskoppies, North-West
Boskrans, Mpumalanga
Boskruin, Gauteng
Bosmanskloof, Western Cape
Bosmanspan, Mpumalanga
Bosplaas, North-West
Bosplaat, Free State
Bospoort , Free State
Bospoort , Free State
Bospoort, Eastern Cape
Bospoort, North-West
Bosra, North-West
Bosrand, Free State
Bosrand, Eastern Cape
Bosrand, Limpopo
Bossche-Diesch, Limpopo
Bossenfontein, Eastern Cape
Bossieshoek, Eastern Cape
Bossieskraal, Free State
Bossjesdam, Northern Cape
Boston, KwaZulu-Natal
Boston, Free State
Bot River, Western Cape
Botha's Hill, KwaZulu-Natal
Botha's Ridge, Eastern Cape
Bothasberg, Mpumalanga
Bothasig, Western Cape
Bothaskop, Free State
Bothaskraal, Eastern Cape
Bothasrus, Free State
Bothastrand, Western Cape
Bothaville, Free State
Bothetheletsa, North-West
Bothethetletsa, North-West
Bothithong, North-West
Botlhaolelo, North-West
Botlokwe, Limpopo
Botrivier, Western Cape
Botsabelo, Mpumalanga
Botshabelo, Free State
Botshabelo, Mpumalanga
Botshabelo, North-West
Botswana, Limpopo
Bottelary, Western Cape
Bottelfontein, Free State
Botterkloof, Western Cape
Botterkop, Eastern Cape
Botterleegte, Eastern Cape
Bourke, Mpumalanga
Boven, KwaZulu-Natal
Bovenfontein, Western Cape
Bovenplaats, Western Cape
Bowden, Eastern Cape
Bowden, Northern Cape
Bowen, North-West
Bowen's Store, North-West
Boxmoor, Eastern Cape
Boyne, Limpopo
Braamfontein, Eastern Cape
Braamhoek, Eastern Cape
Brabant , Free State
Bracefield, Eastern Cape
Bracken Hill, Western Cape
Brackenfell, Western Cape
Brackenhurst, Free State
Bracondale, Limpopo
Bradgate, Eastern Cape
Braelynn, Eastern Cape
Braemar, KwaZulu-Natal
Braemer, KwaZulu-Natal
Brakala, North-West
Brakbos Kolk, Northern Cape
Brakboschkolk, Northern Cape
Brakdam, Free State
Brakenfell, Western Cape
Brakfontein, KwaZulu-Natal
Brakfontein, Free State
Brakfontein, Eastern Cape
Brakfontein, Gauteng
Brakfontein, Mpumalanga
Brakfontein, North-West
Brakfontein, Western Cape
Brakfontein A, Western Cape
Brakgrond, Free State
Brakkefontein, Western Cape
Brakkloof, North-West
Braklaagte, Free State
Brakpan, Gauteng
Brakputs, Northern Cape
Brakspruit, KwaZulu-Natal
Brakspruit, Limpopo
Brakvlei, Free State
Brandewynsgat, Free State
Brandfontein, Western Cape
Brandfort, Free State
Brandhoek, Eastern Cape
Brandis, Free State
Brandkop, Free State
Brandpoort, Eastern Cape
Brandrivier, Western Cape
Brandvlei, Gauteng
Brandvlei, Northern Cape
Brandvlei, Western Cape
Brandwacht, Western Cape
Brandwag, Western Cape
Brandwater, Free State
Brandylei, Gauteng
Branstone, Eastern Cape
Braunschweich, Eastern Cape
Braunschweig, Eastern Cape
Braunville, Eastern Cape
Bravo, Eastern Cape
Braybank, Mpumalanga
Breakfast Vlei, Eastern Cape
Brechan, KwaZulu-Natal
Brechen, KwaZulu-Natal
Bredasdorp, Western Cape
Breede River, Western Cape
Breedpan, Limpopo
Breërivier, Western Cape
Breetsvlei, North-West
Breidbach, Eastern Cape
Bremiker, Free State
Brendan Village, Mpumalanga
Brenthurst, Gauteng
Brenton-on-Sea, Western Cape
Brentwood Park, Gauteng
Brereton, Mpumalanga
Brereton Park, Mpumalanga
Breyten, Mpumalanga
Breyton, Mpumalanga
Bridgetown, Western Cape
Brierspan, Northern Cape
Brigg's Haven, Eastern Cape
Brighton Beach, KwaZulu-Natal
Brightwater, Western Cape
Brindisi, Free State
Brink's Vlakfontein, Gauteng
Brits, North-West
Britstown, Northern Cape
Brixton, Gauteng
Broadlands, Eastern Cape
Broadlands, Limpopo
Broedersdraai, Limpopo
Broedersput, North-West
Broham, Mpumalanga
Bromfield, Mpumalanga
Bromley, Eastern Cape
Bromona, Gauteng
Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng
Broodsnyersplaas, Mpumalanga
Brooke's Store, KwaZulu-Natal
Brookes, KwaZulu-Natal
Brookland, KwaZulu-Natal
Brooklands, KwaZulu-Natal
Brooklands, Western Cape
Brooklyn, KwaZulu-Natal
Brooklyn, Eastern Cape
Brooklyn, Gauteng
Brooklyn, Western Cape
Brooks Nek, KwaZulu-Natal
Brooksby, North-West
Brookwood, Western Cape
Brospan, Northern Cape
Broteni, KwaZulu-Natal
Broughton, Eastern Cape
Brown Stones, KwaZulu-Natal
Brown's Vale, Eastern Cape
Brownridge, Limpopo
Bruinklip, Eastern Cape
Bruintjiesrivier, Western Cape
Bruntville, KwaZulu-Natal
Brussel, Northern Cape
Bruyns Hill, KwaZulu-Natal
Brvnavon, Eastern Cape
Bryanston, Gauteng
Brymac, Eastern Cape
Buampsa, North-West
Bucale, Eastern Cape
Bucele, Eastern Cape
Buchele, Eastern Cape
Buchuberg Irrigation Settlement, Northern Cape
Bucklands, Northern Cape
Bucklands Farm, KwaZulu-Natal
Bucklands Settlement, Northern Cape
Bucklands-Nedersetting, Northern Cape
Bucklegraf, Northern Cape
Buckquoy, KwaZulu-Natal
Buffalo, Eastern Cape
Buffalo Harbor, Eastern Cape
Buffalo Neck, Eastern Cape
Buffalo Nek, Eastern Cape
Buffalo Thorns, Eastern Cape
Buffeljags River, Western Cape
Buffeljagsrivier, Western Cape
Buffelsbaai, Western Cape
Buffelsbadden, Eastern Cape
Buffelsdoorn, Eastern Cape
Buffelsdoring, Eastern Cape
Buffelsdrif, Limpopo
Buffelsdrif, Western Cape
Buffelsdrift, Western Cape
Buffelsfontein, North-West
Buffelshoek, Limpopo
Buffelshoek, North-West
Buffelskloof, Western Cape
Buffelspruit, Mpumalanga
Buffelspruit, North-West
Buffelsvallei, North-West
Buffelsvlei, Free State
Buffelsvlei, Mpumalanga
Buffelsvlei, North-West
Buhlanyanga, Eastern Cape
Bukaza, Eastern Cape
Bukazi, Eastern Cape
Bulawa, Eastern Cape
Bulembu, Eastern Cape
Bulge River, Limpopo
Bulgerivier, Limpopo
Bulkrans, Northern Cape
Bull Run, North-West
Bullberg, Free State
Bulpan, Mpumalanga
Bulsny, Northern Cape
Bultfontein , Free State
Bultfontein, Free State
Bultfontein, Eastern Cape
Bultfontein, Gauteng
Bultfontein, Mpumalanga
Bultfontein Number 1, Free State
Bultfontein Number 2, Free State
Bultfontein Number 3, Free State
Bultfontein Number One, Free State
Bultfontein Number Three, Free State
Bultfontein Number Two, Free State
Bultongfontein, Limpopo
Bululwane, KwaZulu-Natal
Bulungulu, Eastern Cape
Bulvlei, Eastern Cape
Bulwer, KwaZulu-Natal
Bumazi, Eastern Cape
Bumbana, Eastern Cape
Bumbane, Eastern Cape
Bumbeni, Eastern Cape
Bunga, Eastern Cape
Bunkers Hill, Eastern Cape
Buntingville, Eastern Cape
Burford, KwaZulu-Natal
Burgersdorf, Eastern Cape
Burgersdorp, Eastern Cape
Burgersdorp, North-West
Burgersfort, Mpumalanga
Burghersdorp, Eastern Cape
Burners, KwaZulu-Natal
Burnley, Eastern Cape
Burnshill, Eastern Cape
Burnside, KwaZulu-Natal
Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga
Bushman Drannings, Western Cape
Bushman Rock, Mpumalanga
Bushman's Rock, Mpumalanga
Bushmans River Village, Eastern Cape
Bushy Park, North-West
Bushyvales, KwaZulu-Natal
Busila, Eastern Cape
Busingata, KwaZulu-Natal
Busingatha, KwaZulu-Natal
Bussons Kloof, Northern Cape
Bute, North-West
Buto, Eastern Cape
Butsheni, Eastern Cape
Butterworth, Eastern Cape
Buttville, Eastern Cape
Butulo, Eastern Cape
Buwa, Eastern Cape
Buxedeni, KwaZulu-Natal
Buxideni, KwaZulu-Natal
Buxton, North-West
Buysdorp, Limpopo
Buyskloof, Eastern Cape
Buziba, Eastern Cape
Buzisa, Eastern Cape
By-Products, KwaZulu-Natal
Byldrift, Limpopo
Bylfontein, North-West
Bylletrs, Eastern Cape
Bynespoort, Gauteng
Byrne, KwaZulu-Natal
Byrne Settlement, KwaZulu-Natal