What is the latitude and longitude of Schoemansdal - Limpopo?

These are the geographical coordinates of the city:
Latitude: -23.0333333
Longitude: 29.7166667

Driving distances from Schoemansdal, Limpopo

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Vaal, Free State
Vaal Koppies, Northern Cape
Vaal Power Station Village, Free State
Vaal Reef, North-West
Vaal Reefs, North-West
Vaalbank , Free State
Vaalbank , Free State
Vaalbank, KwaZulu-Natal
Vaalbank, Free State
Vaalbank, Eastern Cape
Vaalblok, Eastern Cape
Vaalboschhoek, North-West
Vaalboschlaagte, Limpopo
Vaalburg, Free State
Vaaldrift, Eastern Cape
Vaalhoek, Mpumalanga
Vaalkop, KwaZulu-Natal
Vaalkraal, Free State
Vaalkrans, Mpumalanga
Vaalkrans, Limpopo
Vaalpan, North-West
Vaalpark, Free State
Vaalplaas, Gauteng
Vaalplaats, North-West
Vaalpoort, Eastern Cape
Vaalpunt, Northern Cape
vaalput, Northern Cape
Vaalputs, Northern Cape
Vaalspruit, Free State
Vaalview, Gauteng
Vaalwater, Limpopo
Vaarvel, Free State
Vaderlandspan, Northern Cape
Vaku, Eastern Cape
Valdai Hills, Eastern Cape
Vale End, Eastern Cape
Valelo's Rest, Eastern Cape
Valencia, Limpopo
Valencia Estate, Limpopo
Valhalla, Gauteng
Valley Nedersettings, Gauteng
Valley Settlements, Gauteng
Valley View, Eastern Cape
Valray, Eastern Cape
Valsfontein, Mpumalanga
Valspan, Northern Cape
Van Alphens Viei, Limpopo
Van de Merwes Fontein , Eastern Cape
Van Der Kemp, Eastern Cape
Van der Merwe, Gauteng
Van der Merwes Kraal, Limpopo
Van der Merweskroon, Gauteng
Van der Spuy, Northern Cape
Van Dyks, Mpumalanga
Van Heerdenskraal, Free State
Van Reenen, Free State
Van Rhynsdorf, Western Cape
Van Riebeeckstrand, Western Cape
Van Riebeekhoogte, Eastern Cape
Van Rooi's Vlei, Northern Cape
Van Rooyen, KwaZulu-Natal
Van Staden's Rust, Free State
Van Stadensriviermond, Eastern Cape
Van Stadensrus, Free State
Van Tonders Pass, KwaZulu-Natal
Van Tonderspoortjie, Free State
Van Vuurenshoek , Eastern Cape
Van Wijksdorp, Western Cape
Van Wyksdorp, Western Cape
Van Wyksrus, Free State
Van Wyksrus, Gauteng
Van Wyksrust, Gauteng
Van Wyksvlei, Northern Cape
Van Wyksvlei Settlements, Northern Cape
Van Zyls Kraal, Eastern Cape
Van Zylsrus, Northern Cape
Van Zylsrust, Northern Cape
Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
Vanderkloof, Northern Cape
Vandyksdrif, Mpumalanga
Vanrhynsdorp, Western Cape
Vant's Drift, KwaZulu-Natal
Vantsdrif, KwaZulu-Natal
Vanwykshuis, North-West
Vanzylsplaas, Free State
Varkieskloof, Western Cape
Varsput, Northern Cape
Varty, Mpumalanga
Vasco, Western Cape
Vasfontein, Gauteng
Veekraal, Limpopo
Veelsgeluk, Eastern Cape
Veeplaas, Eastern Cape
Veeplaats, Eastern Cape
Veeplaats, Limpopo
Veepos , Northern Cape
Veepos , Northern Cape
Veepos, Eastern Cape
Veepos, Northern Cape
Veertien Strome, Northern Cape
Veggat, Northern Cape
Vegkoppies, Eastern Cape
Velddrif, Western Cape
Velddrift, Western Cape
Veldenvlei, KwaZulu-Natal
Velebi, Eastern Cape
Vembeksbaai, Western Cape
Venbekbaai, Western Cape
Vendaland, Limpopo
Vendors Puts, Northern Cape
Venter Fontein, Eastern Cape
Ventera, Mpumalanga
Venterpos-West, Gauteng
Ventersburg, Free State
Ventersdam, Eastern Cape
Ventersdorp, North-West
Ventershoop, Eastern Cape
Venterskroon, Free State
Venterspos, Gauteng
Venterspost, Gauteng
Ventersrus, Eastern Cape
Ventersrust, Eastern Cape
Venterstad, Eastern Cape
Venus, Eastern Cape
Verbrandehoek, Limpopo
Verdien, Eastern Cape
Verdors Puts, Northern Cape
Verdriet, KwaZulu-Natal
Verdun, Free State
Verdun, Eastern Cape
Verdwaal, North-West
Vereeniging, Eastern Cape
Vereeniging, Gauteng
Verena, Gauteng
Verfkraal, Free State
Vergaderplek, Northern Cape
Vergaderrand, Free State
Vergelee, KwaZulu-Natal
Vergeleë, North-West
Vergelen, North-West
Vergenoeg, Northern Cape
Vergesig, Mpumalanga
Verkeerdevlei, Free State
Verkykerskop, Free State
Verlief, Limpopo
Vermaakfontein, Eastern Cape
Vermaaklikheid, Western Cape
Vermaas, North-West
Vermeulensput, Northern Cape
Vermont, Free State
Vermont, Eastern Cape
Vermont, Western Cape
Verneukpan, Northern Cape
Vernon's Post, Eastern Cape
Verrekykerskop, Free State
Verschep, Northern Cape
Verstersfontein, Eastern Cape
Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal
Verwoerdburg, Gauteng
Vetfontein, Limpopo
Vetkoekheuwel, Western Cape
Vetmaakfontein, Free State
Vhutandabos, Limpopo
Vicedale, North-West
Victor, Free State
Victoria, KwaZulu-Natal
Victoria Sugar Estates, KwaZulu-Natal
Victoria West, Northern Cape
Victoria-Wes, Northern Cape
Victory Hill, Western Cape
Viera, North-West
Vierfontein, Free State
Vila Nora, Limpopo
Viljoensdrif, Free State
Viljoenshof, Western Cape
Viljoenskroon, Free State
Villa Maria, KwaZulu-Natal
Villa Nora, Limpopo
Village of Happiness, KwaZulu-Natal
Villiera, Eastern Cape
Villieria, Gauteng
Villiers, Free State
Villiersdorp, Western Cape
Villiersrust, Eastern Cape
Vinitsh, Eastern Cape
Vinkelfontein, Free State
Violet Bank, Mpumalanga
Vioolsdrif, Northern Cape
Vioolsdrift, Northern Cape
Virginia, Free State
Visagiesfontein, Northern Cape
Visgat, Free State
Vishoek, Western Cape
Visrivier, Eastern Cape
Vissers Hoek, Western Cape
Vissershok, Western Cape
Visserskop, Free State
Vista, Eastern Cape
Vivierspan, Northern Cape
Vivo, Limpopo
Vlakbult, Mpumalanga
Vlakfontein, KwaZulu-Natal
Vlakfontein, Free State
Vlakfontein, Mpumalanga
Vlakfontein, Limpopo
Vlakfontein, North-West
Vlaklaagte, KwaZulu-Natal
Vlaklaagte, Free State
Vlaklaagte 1, Mpumalanga
Vlaklaagte 2, Mpumalanga
Vlaklaagte Een, Mpumalanga
Vlaklaagte Twee, Mpumalanga
Vlakleegte, Free State
Vlakpan, North-West
Vlakplaas, Free State
Vlakplaas, Gauteng
Vlakplaats, Gauteng
Vlakplaats, North-West
Vlakteplaas, Western Cape
Vleesbaai, Western Cape
Vlei River, Western Cape
Vleikop, Gauteng
Vleiland, Eastern Cape
Vleiland, Western Cape
Vleiplaas, Northern Cape
Vleirivier, Western Cape
Vleisbaai, Western Cape
Vleispruit, Free State
Vleiview, Western Cape
Vlermuisklip, Western Cape
Vliegpan, Northern Cape
Vlugt, Western Cape
Vnooifontein, Free State
Voëlfontein, Eastern Cape
Voëlklip, Western Cape
Vogelfontein, Free State
Vogelstruisfontein, Mpumalanga
Vogelstruisleegte, Eastern Cape
Volkrust, Mpumalanga
Volksrust, Mpumalanga
Vollgraaffsig, Northern Cape
Vollop, Northern Cape
Volminksvlei, Northern Cape
Volmoed, Western Cape
Volop, Northern Cape
Volop, Limpopo
Volstruisleegte, Eastern Cape
Vondeling, Eastern Cape
Vongane, Limpopo
Vongonzana, KwaZulu-Natal
Voorbaai, Western Cape
Voorbeeld Nedersetting, Western Cape
Voorharts, Free State
Voorreg, Limpopo
Voorsorg, Western Cape
Voorspoed, Eastern Cape
Voorspoed, Northern Cape
Voorspoed, Western Cape
Voortrekker, Gauteng
Voortrekkerhoogte, Gauteng
Voortrekkers, Gauteng
Voortrekkerspos, Limpopo
Voorwaarts, Free State
Vorstershoop, North-West
Vorstersvlakte, Free State
Vosberg, Northern Cape
Vosburg, Northern Cape
Vosloorus, Gauteng
Vosloosrust, Eastern Cape
Voyizane, Eastern Cape
Vrede, Free State
Vrede, Eastern Cape
Vrede, North-West
Vrededorp, Gauteng
Vredefort, Free State
Vredehoek, Western Cape
Vredelus, Northern Cape
Vredenburg, Western Cape
Vredendal, Western Cape
Vredepoort, Free State
Vrederus, Eastern Cape
Vredevlei, Free State
Vredevlei, Eastern Cape
Vreeniging, Eastern Cape
Vriesklip, Northern Cape
Vrischgewaagd, Limpopo
Vrisgewaagd, North-West
Vrolikskop, Eastern Cape
Vrolykskraal , Eastern Cape
Vryburg, North-West
Vrygees, North-West
Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal
Vryheid, Free State
Vryheid, Eastern Cape
Vryheid East, KwaZulu-Natal
Vryheid-Oos, KwaZulu-Natal
Vrywillig, North-West
Vrywoning, Free State
Vulamahlo, KwaZulu-Natal
Vulandondo, KwaZulu-Natal
Vumankala, KwaZulu-Natal
Vuna, KwaZulu-Natal
Vuso, Eastern Cape
Vyeboom, Western Cape
Vyekraal, Western Cape
Vyfhoek, North-West
Vygeboom, Western Cape
Vygeboomdrift, Limpopo
Vyversrus, Western Cape
Vyversrust, Western Cape